SSVF Program Update: April 22, 2016


1.     RRH Waiver Request Process Update
2.     Homelessness Prevention Threshold Score Change Process

RRH Waiver Request Process Update

As reviewed on the SSVF National Webinar on January 21, 2016 SSVF grantees may wish to request a RRH Waiver for the current grant cycle.  All grantees that were approved for a “Prevention Waiver” in previous grant cycles need to re-apply using new process described on the January 21st webinar (which can be viewed at the webinar link posted below).  RRH Waiver requests must be submitted May 31, 2016. This is a community-wide strategic request that should be submitted only after coordinating with your relevant community stakeholders. In addition, a COC endorsement is required for each request. To initiate the process please review with your Regional Coordinator to have a preliminary discussion about the need for a RRH Waiver and the process for submission.

If you have any questions, please contact your Regional Coordinator.

National Webinars recordings are available at:

The RRH waiver form may be found under SSVF Developed Tools  at

Homelessness Prevention Threshold Score Change Process

Throughout the community planning process, grantees review the Homeless Prevention Threshold Score and may determine a need to modify the existing threshold score.  Should your agency desire a change to the threshold score, please contact your Regional Coordinator to have a preliminary discussion about the proposed changes and, if approved, how to process the change for the SSVF grant program.

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SSVF Program Office

NOTE:  If you are receiving this email in error, please disregard.  We request your patience as the SSVF Program Office continues to address system issues with the grants management database.