There's No Shortage of Sh**ty Housing

In this issue: Will NY Pass Landmark Tenants' Right to Counsel? ● Homelessness to Homeownership in 9 Months ● Does State-Level CRA Make Any Sense?
Tuesday, April 26, 2016

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Rest Assured, There's No Shortage of Sh**ty Housing

Jamaal Green, Portland State University
Emily Washington argues that "middle-class sensibilities" pose a significant barrier to the construction of affordable units. She's wrong. Here's why . . . More

Will New York Pass Landmark Right to Counsel for Tenants?
Lillian Ortiz, Shelterforce
Ninety percent of landlords in housing court have lawyers, while only 10 percent of tenants do. New York is betting they could improve their homelessness rate if they could change that ratio. Will they succeed?  More

From Homelessness to Homeownership in Nine Months. It's Possible

Doug Ryan, CFED
In Grand Rapids, Michigan, families can go from homelessness to homeownership in less than a year. How do they do it? More

Does State-Level CRA Make Any Sense?
Josh Silver, NCRC
When practitioners in the affordable housing and community development field think about the Community Reinvestment Act, they think about the federal CRA. But can states do a better job?  More

You Said It!

On Two Presidential Affordable Housing Platforms
As a person who works for a nonprofit affordable housing builder, I am more than saddened that these two "only hopes" for a Democratic president have not broadened their understanding of the housing crisis in America. It is beyond comprehension that those in power are unaware of what is happening to the middle, lower-middle and lower-income people in our country. Our last building had 42 one-bedroom units for low-income people, and over 2,000 applications. It is the same everywhere and worse. I would like someone to . . . --Barbara Hamaker

On Harvard Planners Talk Race, Design, and St. Louis
For a long time, Rutgers University planning school had very little to offer on the way of design. That has changed, for the better, with the addition of design courses that embody the realization that design needs to meet public policy goals. --Bob Kull via Facebook

Planning is an interdisciplinary discipline by nature. There is a need for planners who have a talent for the design aspect and those who take the policy perspective--and the connection between the two.
--Kimberley Mickelson via Facebook

Looking for a Job?
Sawmill Community Land Trust
Executive Director
Responsible for overall management and operations of this membership based, non-profit organization in Albuquerque, New Mexico, the Executive Director will implement policies set by the Board as well as annual goals and objectives, financial, program, and administrative oversight of the organization . . . Read Full Listing

Rental Housing Development
Program Manager
The role of this position is to ensure line-of-business activities result in successful projects and support the mission and business objectives of Community Frameworks and our clients, and to actively participate in project development work. The Manager is skilled in real estate and affordable . . . Read Full Listing
Community Development Director 

The CD Director will prepare assessments and inventories of existing community conditions and resources potentially useful for revitalization and related projects in cooperation with local businesses, community-based groups, individual residents, appropriate city departments and other nonprofit organizations . . . Read Full Listing 
Director - Homebuilding & Stabilization   

This position requires a breadth and depth of real estate experience, and a genuine commitment to the mission of building and preserving quality housing and transforming communities. Responsible for leading all single-family real estate development activities for the organization, including integration with broader neighborhood stabilization . . . Read Full Listing 

Research Manager
The Research Manager has primary responsibility for designing and implementing our research program in order to advance best practices and innovations in housing programs and policies that lead to lasting affordability and more inclusive communities. S/he will oversee all aspects of Research, including . . . Read Full Listing 

Marketing and Support Specialist
HomeKeeper Program
Responsible for growing the Salesforce/HomeKeeper membership community and helping nonprofits and local governments become successful users. Leads all activities related to marketing, sales, onboarding and orientation. S/he coordinates internal and external projects and manages consultants . . . Read Full Listing 

Project Manager 
The Project Manager will work in the Tenant Purchase Program on tenant opportunity to purchase TOPA projects, managing 4-6 projects & overseeing tenant organizing, financing, and renovation of the buildings. Through this program, Mi Casa has prevented the displacement of over 1,000 people, and supported and empowered tenants to . . . Read Full Listing 

Associate Director,
Affordable Homeownership
CFED is a national nonprofit with a mission of empowering low- and moderate-income households to build and preserve assets. We seek a proven leader who combines a depth of affordable housing policy experience and project management know-how, who thrives on collaboration, curiosity, and . . . Read Full Listing  

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