5 Ways *Not* to Use the Natl Hsg Trust Fund

How to Build in Traumatized Communities * The Feds Know if Your Bank Breaks the Law, Why Don't You? * As Boomer Biz Owners Retire, Can Co-ops Save the Jobs?
Tuesday, May 24, 2016

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Alle Ries joins M&T Bank as regional Community Reinvestment Act officer for New Jersey. In this role, Ries will serve as a liaison between M&T Bank and the community to develop and administer local CRA programs. Ries previously served as a community and economic development director at La Casa de Don Pedro in Newark, and as a campaign consultant on U.S. Senator Cory Booker's 2002 mayoral campaign.


Webinar | Rent Control and Homes for All | May 26, 3-4 p.m.

Grounded Solutions Network presents a webinar training on rent control featuring Right to the City's Homes for All campaign. Rent control has long been one of the essential solutions to gentrification and displacement, and it's making a comeback. This webinar explores the history and early context of rent control and why the present moment is ripe for its return, providing examples that illustrate how to win rent control today.


Trauma-Informed Community Building Evaluation Report

For decades, traumatic experiences have been endemic in public housing communities such as the Potrero Terrace and Annex in the Potrero Hill neighborhood of San Francisco. A new community-building approach evolved as resident trauma and chronic stress made it tough to implement traditional redevelopment strategies. This new approach came to be known as the Trauma Informed Community Building model, shown in this evaluation report compiled by the Annie E. Casey Foundation.

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5 Ways *Not* to Use the National Housing Trust Fund
John Henneberger, Texas Low-Income Housing Information Service
Initial guidelines, once adopted, tend to remain in place for the long term. So it's vital that we get the state guidelines on the use of the National Housing Trust Fund right from the beginning. Here are five practices common in community development that we need to avoid to realize the NHTF's promise . . . More

As Aging Boomer Business Owners Retire, Will Worker Co-ops Save the Jobs?
Keli Tianga, Shelterforce
Baby boomers are the largest percentage of business owners, and they're headed toward retirement. The worker cooperative movement wants to keep the jobs they've created from disappearing. Here's how they're doing it . . . More

The Feds Know if Your Bank Is Breaking Consumer Law. Too Bad They Won't Tell You.
Josh Silver, NCRC
When consumers shop for new cars or other major products, they often like to consult with Consumer Reports or some other resource that rates companies selling the products. Imagine if we had a Consumer Reports for banks that provided ratings on how well they treat consumers and the extent to which they complied with consumer protection and fair lending law. Wouldn't that be a wonderful resource?  More

4 Concrete Ways to Change Your Programming When Working in Traumatized Communities
Susan Neufeld, BRIDGE Housing
The trauma caused by poverty and the systems that reinforce it can short-circuit standard efforts to build community. A new method called "trauma-informed community building" aims to change that. Here's how it works . . . More

You Said It!

Great article! I'm chagrined to learn that Baltimore was one of only six jurisdictions that received greater than 70 percent of the NMTC benefit. Not that we don't need this kind of investment in persistently poor, isolated and segregated neighborhoods within Baltimore. But consistent with the point of the article, few of the NMTC deals are in those places . . .
--Barbara Samuels

On Theres No Shortage of Low Quality Housing

If you want to give people dignity through public action, give them more and better options, not fewer. Expanding housing vouchers or instituting a basic income are two good examples of giving people more, better options . . . -- Evan D

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This executive senior leader provides strategic management, guidance and oversight, establishes measurable goals and priorities, identifies opportunities for collaboration and ensures that effective resources are shared across divisional lines and are implemented . . . Read Full Listing

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The HANDS Community Organizer will work directly with senior staff, community residents, partnering organizations, businesses, and municipal officials to develop and build relationships, increase participation by stakeholders and identify and nurture community leaders for the support of a defined set of outcomes. The overall . . . Read Full Listing

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This senior-level position is responsible for developing policy and programs, evaluating housing applications, supervising housing staff and working closely with Vermont's network of non-profit housing organizations. Significant prior experience and training in financial analysis . . . Read Full Listing

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