Gentrification Is Not Inevitable

Also: The Real Reasons Affordable Housing Isn't Being Built in CA ● True Financial Capability Requires Expanding the Definition of Wealth
Tuesday, June 28, 2016


The 2016 KIDS COUNT Data Book is a resource compiled by the Annie E. Casey Foundation that is useful for advocates and practitioners working for the benefit of children and families.

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Murtaza Baxamusa

The Real Reasons Affordable Housing Isn't Being Built in California
Murtaza Baxamusa, Sol Price School of Public Policy, USC
In San Diego, private developers are building fewer units than the zoning allows, and avoiding building affordable housing altogether, despite a tower of regulatory incentives being offered to them. Why?  More

Brent Kakesako

True Financial Capability Requires Expanding the Definition of Wealth
Brent Kakesako, Hawai'i Alliance for Community-Based Economic Development
Families in Hawai'i explain to us that wealth is measured in more than just financial ways. Many cultures' traditions go beyond our standard individualistic approach to "financial security." How do we integrate these things into the important conversation around financial capability?  More

Randy Shaw

Gentrification Is Not Inevitable
Randy Shaw, Tenderloin Housing Clinic
Too often the gentrification of working class neighborhoods is deemed "inevitable" when it is not. Just as gentrification is often promoted by upzoning and other city laws, communities can pass measures to prevent or at least slow this process. But for some reason, in Harlem, that's not happening . . .  More
FHLBNY Affordable Housing Program 2016

You Said It!

I have always believed we need to bring art/culture into our organizing work. I had the fortune to hear and meet Audre Lorde, and her poetry is inspiring. We have been trying to do more of this kind of work here . . . we used pillowcases to express our dreams and our nightmares as it relates to what is happening in our neighborhood . . . It's tough work, but we keep on keepin' on.  Thanks for this article! --Bonnie Neumeier, more . . .

This article has inspired me to share it with others and include it in my new job with Americorps/Vista. I will be working with communities to bring people together to create solutions for their homeless . . . --Helen McCahill, more . . .
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