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Hidden in plain sight: homeless students in america's public schools
A new study written by Civic Enterprises examines the growing problem of student homelessness. The new report emphasizes the problems homelessness poses for students and the major obstacles currently facing assistance programs. Researchers conclude with policy recommendations to improve support for students.
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Upcoming webinars: Rapid Rehousing Performance evaluation | Shared housing as a solution
Rapid Re-Housing Performance Evaluation and Improvement Toolkit
June 28, 1 p.m.
Learn how to use your program or system data on rapid re-housing to evaluate and improve services. Iain de Jong, of OrgCode Consulting, and Jerrianne Anthony, of Northern Virginia Family Services, will discuss the three metrics you need to evaluate rapid re-housing performance and how to translate your data into action.
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Shared Housing: A Solution for Single Adults Experiencing Homelessness
July 12, 1 p.m.
Hear from experts and local communities about how they are using shared housing as a tool to prevent and end homelessness, particularly for single adults. Learn about promising practices, resources, and how you can make this model work in your community.
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Are you ready for the 2016 Continuum of Care NOFA?
The next HUD Continuum of Care grant application is just around the corner, meaning that you have likely started planning and goal setting. Review this checklist now to make sure you are on track when the next round is announced.

1. Review last year’s application & identify areas to improve
2. Include goals related to Coordinated Entry
3. Make sure your review process is effective
4. Start collecting data to initiate the evaluation process
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training caseworkers on soar model improves outcomes, efficiency
A new report from Frontiers in Public Health concludes that training through the SSI/SSDI Outreach, Access and Recovery (SOAR) online course increases caseworkers' ability to support adults experiencing homelessness who with disabilities. The online class teaches trainees how to complete successful SSI/SSDI applications.
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Ending Homelessness Today
the official blog of the national alliance to end homelessness
Here's what nearly everyone can agree on in the Ryan poverty plan
by Steve Berg
A Republican task force from the House of Representatives, led by Speaker Paul Ryan, last week issued a report on policy approaches to poverty in the U.S. In some ways it was disappointing, since it provided little in the way of new ideas or specific proposals. The messaging around the report made it clear that it was an articulation of what Republicans agree on, to build support leading up to the November election, rather than a path toward consensus with the Democratic Party. Here’s what nearly everyone can agree on in the Ryan poverty plan.
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Defining what it means to end chronic homelessness – we now have a clear goal
by Jayme Day
The goal to end chronic homelessness set by the federal government in 2005 was considered very ambitious. Today, we are excited to share that the U.S. Interagency Council on Homelessness and its 19 federal member agencies released criteria and a benchmark that define what ending chronic homelessness should look like. Being at a point where we are able to define what it means to end chronic homelessness is exciting — it means we have made significant strides and now need to plan an end game.
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New toolkit for converting transitional housing
by Jen Saunders
Many communities around the country are repurposing or reallocating their transitional housing projects to create new rapid re-housing subsidies and permanent housing units.
Our new Transitional Housing Conversion: A Building Owner’s Toolkit offers transitional housing building owners a step-by-step guide to addressing funding and use restrictions.
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