Using Poetry to Achieve Equity

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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Industry News

Sec. Maurice Jones

Maurice Jones has been chosen to serve as the new president and CEO of LISC. The commerce secretary of Virginia and former HUD deputy secretary will succeed Michael Rubinger, who is stepping down after 17 years.


Webinar | Color of Entrepreneurship: Why the Racial Gap among Firms Costs the U.S. Billions | June 22, 2 p.m. EDT

The Center for Global Policy Solutions presents a webinar covering a recent report by CGPS senior research fellow Algernon Austin. The webinar will explore how entrepreneurs of color fared in the aftermath of the Great Recession, and how helping entrepreneurs of color grow their businesses is essential to strengthening the American economy.

Webinar and Report Launch | Smart Growth America: Amazing Place | June 28, 1 p.m. EDT

On June 28, Smart Growth America will release Amazing Placea report detailing how six cities are using a place-based approach to economic development. Register for the online event here.


Access to Capital and Credit in Native Communities

The Native CDFI Network has released a new study, covering topics including: successes and opportunities for Native-American CDFIs, financial education and capability, entrepreneurship, housing finance, capital and credit for tribal governments, and tribal legal infrastructure.

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Amy Evans

An Artist's Way of Seeing: Community Engagement in
Creative Placemaking
Amy Evans, writer and educator

As with every stereotype, there's a hint of truth to the notion of the artist as an individualist. But more prevalent in the world of civic engagement are artists who identify strongly with their community, and who feel an urgent need for their output to have a positive and lasting impact. Artistic production can serve as a vehicle for . . .   More

Lillian M. Ortiz

Using Public Art to Grapple with Foreclosure
Lillian M. Ortiz, Shelterforce
Whether they were reenacting their last hours before being evicted from their Boston homes, or working with new homeowners who feel conflicted about benefiting from foreclosure in Minneapolis, two communities are showing how art . . .  More

Jeremy Liu

Poetry Is Not a Luxury in Achieving Equity
Jeremy Liu, Creative Ecology Partners
When was the last time you attended a work-related conference, and your panel began with an on-topic performance poem? At the PolicyLink Equity Summit you would have. Here's why and how we did it . . .  More
FHLBNY Affordable Housing Program 2016

Doug Ryan

Blanket Residence Restrictions on Sex Offenders Help No One
Doug Ryan, CFED
The criminal justice system has immense influence on an ex-offender's ability to work, live, and interact post-release. Treating all sex offenders as one, rather than treating them as individuals therapeutically and programmatically, makes no sense, especially if . . . More

Josh Silver

The Romance and Reality of New Financial Tech
Josh Silver, NCRC
A recent survey of small businesses reveals that 20 percent of small businesses obtaining credit used online lenders and that microbusinesses used online lenders to a greater extent. However, only 15 percent of small businesses using online lenders were . . .  More

You Said It!

As I read Brooks' piece, he was talking primarily, if not entirely, about interstate or inter metro moves, i.e. from Rust Belt to Sun Belt.  This should not be conflated with "mobility" within metro areas, as I believe this post does. He was also talking about lowering barriers that prevent people from choosing to move, not involuntary displacement and relocation . . . 
--Barbara Samuels, more . . .

Author Reply
. . . I did not conflate voluntary mobility with forced displacement. As I concluded, "For those who want to move, particularly from high poverty to high opportunity neighborhoods, public policy and private practice should encourage such relocations." As for implications of Chetty's research regarding moves to another part of the country . . . --Gregory Squires, more . . .

Here in London, rent control cannot account for a solution to the private renting issue and the people in need of housing. It brings mixed feelings and, if it causes landlords to withdraw, 
then . . . --Theodore Beasley, property landscaping designer, more . . .

. . . The debt that drives the finance industry and dominates the economy assumes that everyone can pay fixed amounts all the time. --Stan Hirtle, more . . .

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