Ex-Offenders Have a Chance at Housing in NOLA

Also: New Financial Resource for Families in LA ● Creative Placemaking Loan ● Mixed-Income Ups (and Downs) in Toronto
Wednesday, July 6, 2016


The Community Reinvestment Act: Vital for Neighborhoods, the Country, and the Economy

NCRC announces a new publication affirming the benefits of CRA in terms of safe and sound lending to underserved communities. 

The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities and Georgetown Law Center on Poverty and Inequality recently hosted a talk by Matthew Desmond, the author of Evicted, followed by a panel discussion focusing on the policy implications of his research. Desmond's talk will be available online until July 15, and the panel discussion can be found here.

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Katy Reckdahl

Ex-Offenders Have a Chance at Housing in NOLA
Katy Reckdahl, journalist
A criminal conviction will no longer automatically disqualify a person from receiving public housing or voucher assistance in New Orleans. Here's how it came about and how it will work . . . More

Lillian M. Ortiz

Need to Finance a Creative Placemaking Project? There's a Loan for That
Lillian M. Ortiz, Shelterforce
New Jersey communities are teeming with creativity. It's fitting that the Garden State would also be home to what's believed to be the first long-term, affordable loan geared toward creative placemaking projects. This is how it works . . . More

Mark L. Joseph
The Ups (and Downs) of Mixed-Income Transformation in Toronto
Mark L. Joseph, Case Western Reserve University
This past March on Rooflines, Alan Mallach's piece, titled "Canada Is Looking Better and Better (The Regent Park Story)," drew readers' attention to the "remarkable" mixed-income transformation effort taking place north of the U.S. border. He's right that it's remarkable, but Toronto isn't doing everything right . . . More

Bob Annibale

In LA, a New Resource to Pull Families Back From the Financial Brink
Bob Annibale, Citi
Financial vulnerability rarely has a single point of origin. In Los Angeles, they are crafting a response that takes that into account . . .  More
Philadelphia Fed Reserve Transforming Our Economies

You Said It!

The article stirred me up about some things I have mulled over for a while. The push by HUD to relocate minorities (read: people with cultural differences) to "high opportunity neighborhoods"  away from their grass roots relations and "elders" who can provide . . . --Bob Jones

Affordable housing IS about "income" and "costs."  Shifting the property tax off of privately created building values and onto publicly created land values can accomplish important goals regarding both. A lower tax applied to building values makes buildings cheaper to construct, improve and maintain. Surprisingly . . . --Rick Rybeck

. . . Good read. I often find gentrification and displacement are conflated, with the former being poorly understood as necessarily including the latter. It's important to define these terms within the individual context of any given discussion. --Chris Brown

Author Reply
Chris, I agree. The historic meaning of "gentrification" was the displacement of working class residents and their replacement by more affluent "gentry." Today, the opening of certain grocery stores or restaurants is identified with "gentrification" even when this is unrelated to any tenants being forced out of their homes. --Randy Shaw

For more on the definition of gentrification, see this Shelterforce roundtable.

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Affordable Housing Development
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