Important Developments for HUD-VASH

Important Developments for HUD-VASH
$5 million in extraordinary fees awarded, $15 million for project-based vouchers available
We hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable Independence Day weekend! The following information was released on July 1, and we wanted to highlight it in case you missed it in the holiday rush.
Funds Awarded to 42 PHAs for Extraordinary Administrative Fees
On July 1, HUD awarded more than $5 million in "extraordinary administrative fees" to 42 local public housing authorities across the country. The local PHAs receiving these fees will develop aggressive efforts to quickly house veterans through strategies including marketing campaigns, landlord fairs to recruit landlords/property owners, and the hiring of temporary staff to provide additional housing search assistance, expedite processing of documentation, inspect units, issue vouchers, and execute leases. 
In late 2015, HUD set aside up to $10 million from the Administrative Fee account that could be allocated to PHAs that needed additional funds to administer their Section 8 programs. While not specific to HUD-VASH, the PHAs were encouraged to focus in on veterans with HUD-VASH vouchers.

Interested PHAs needed to apply for this funding, and NCHV encouraged community agencies to push their PHAs to apply for this funding to help with HUD-VASH lease-up. You can read guidance on the application process here
$15 Million Available for 2,000 Project-Based HUD-VASH Vouchers
Also on July 1, HUD announced a $15 million set-aside funding notice for project-basing HUD-VASH. HUD anticipates that this funding will support approximately 2,000 units of project-based voucher (PBV) assistance. PHAs must partner with a VAMC prior to applying under this Notice. Applications (form HUD-52515,) must be transmitted no later than midnight in the time zone of the PHA on Sept. 9, 2016. 
Here's how it works: Any PHA that administers a Housing Choice Voucher program may apply for up to 150 units to be placed under PBV housing assistance payments (HAP) contract(s). PHAs must submit separate applications for each project and may request no more than 75 PBVs for a single project. Applications for projects to be selected after award announcement must estimate the number of PBVs that will be selected. If, after award announcement, the PHA selects fewer units than awarded under this competition, the funding for unused units will be rescinded. If the PHA selects more units than awarded under this competition, the PHA must use vouchers from its regular or HUD-VASH tenant-based voucher program to fund the additional units. The scoring factors for this round of funding is different than in the past, so make sure to carefully read Section 7. Read the full notice here.