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July 13, 2016

New Resource! Enlisting Mainstream Resources and Programs to Help End Homelessness

cartoon drawing of different types of social services Federal programs targeted to homelessness are vital, but not sufficient, to achieve the goal of ending homelessness. We must also enlist the larger set of federal, state, and local "mainstream" programs that serve low-income Americans.

This new resource details some of the key mainstream programs and systems, and the ways that they can support efforts to prevent and end homelessness, along with guidance and tools that can help you build partnerships with these programs.  
New Fact Sheet: Ending Family Homelessness, Improving Outcomes for Children
Mother and child playing outsideHaving a stable home benefits children for a lifetime. When families experience homelessness and housing instability, children suffer. They face a significantly higher risk of chronic or unaddressed health and developmental issues than their peers, which can affect their education and employment opportunities and ultimately, their success.

This new fact sheet can help you educate your local government, public agencies and schools, businesses, non-profits, and the philanthropic sector about the challenges facing children experiencing homelessness and the solutions we all must invest in to ensure that every child grows up with opportunities to achieve their fullest potential.
People With Lived Experience Must Be Meaningful Partners in Ending Homelessness
Woman sitting at table People with lived experience must be meaningfully integrated into planning and implementation of efforts to end homelessness.

As we work to ensure that our own efforts at USICH are better informed by the perspectives and recommendations of people with lived experience, Regional Coordinator Amy Sawyer also asks communities that are hard at work building coordinated systems to end homelessness: Are you providing authentic opportunities for people with lived experience to inform and drive that change?

Register today! Upcoming Webinar on FY 16 Continuum of Care Program Competition

On July 21, Deputy Director Jasmine Hayes and Policy Director Lindsay Knotts are hosting a webinar on strategies for success in responding to HUD's FY 2016 Continuum of Care Program Competition. Read our highlights of this year's NOFA and register for the webinar today!
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