A New Way to Prevent Displacement?

Why Don't Low-Income Families Save? ● Universities Commit to Their Neighborhoods ● Philanthropic Satire ● Vets Need Specific Support
Tuesday, August 30, 2016
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Transit-Oriented Development Resource and Webinar | Smart Growth America

The Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) technical assistance initiative, a project of the Federal Transit Administration and Smart Growth America, is now accepting applications for the next round of free TOD technical assistance. Applications due by Oct. 7, 2016. To learn more about the application process, register for this webinar happening on Wednesday, Sept. 7 at 1 pm EDT.

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Shane Phillips

A New Way to Prevent Displacement?

Shane Phillips, Los Angeles Streetcar Inc.
Here is a housing model for L.A. that both pro-build and anti-displacement advocates could possibly get behind (and NIMBY folks wouldn't notice).  More

Steve Dubb

Universities Commit to Being Accountable to Their Neighborhoods

Steve Dubb, The Democracy Collaborative

Whole networks of colleges and universities are now committing to the concept that they owe something to their neighborhoods. What are they saying and how would it work?    More

Ruth Loess

Foundations Shrugged

Ruth Loess, philanthropic satirist

Ruth Loess (her pen name) is our newest blog contributor who will bring something different to our usual offerings . . . satire. Starting today, she'll be challenging some sacred cows of the field, as well as stating the obvious, yet funny flaws of a system we live and work in. We hope you enjoy her writing.   More


Vets Need Housing With Specific Supports

Flynann Janisse, Rainbow Housing Assistance Corporation
The supportive services veterans need to transition out of homelessness can be different from what the general homeless population needs.   More

Answer 183
Q: Why don't low-income families save?
A: Actually they do!
However, they tend to be saving for the short term, rather than the long term.

The U.S. Financial Diaries Project found that the amount of income the study households set aside in one way or another--extra tax withholding, in a savings account, or given to a family member to hold, for example--was four times as a big as . . .   More

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You Said It!

The San Diego Housing Commission, with the approval of the San Diego Housing Authority (also known as the San Diego City Council) has approved the use of affordable housing funds for gentrification, and supports punitive . . . --Mark E. Smith, more

If we truly believe in aging in place we need policies, like we have in areas like renewable energy and transportation that incentivize private investment aligned with national priorities . . . --Louis Tenenbaum, more

On Shelterforce Exclusive: Interview with HUD Secretary Juli├án Castro
"Success" is measured in business terms, i.e. GDP, commercial sales, tax base expansion, sales revenues, etc. rather than in socioeconomic terms, with the goal of reducing the widening gap between haves & have-nots. HUD Sec. must address this old paradigm, while he has . . . --Fernando Centeno, CED, more

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