Does Place Matter Anymore?

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Tuesday, August 9, 2016
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Jesse Van Tol
The National Community Reinvestment Coalition has named Jesse Van Tol as chief operating officer. Van Tol has served with NCRC for a decade in a number of leadership positions including membership, communications, policy, and research.


Webinar | Financing and Operating Affordable Housing for Extremely Low Income Households | August 15, 12:30 pm ET

Members of NLIHC's National Housing Trust Fund Developer Advisory Group will share reflections and answer questions on their two recently published briefs covering strategies for funding ELI housing and for achieving 30-year ELI affordability without depending on vouchers.


This summer and fall, Congress will be in their home districts and states. To help advocates make use of this time, NLIHC has created a Summer/Fall 2016 Advocacy Guide, outlining the five key ways organizations can take action between now and the November elections to advocate for issues affecting housing, criminal justice
reform, voting rights, best practices in lobbying, and more.

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Could an Anti-Homelessness Program Stabilize Affordable Housing?
Miriam Axel-Lute, Shelterforce
Periodically in the affordable housing world, a few of us acknowledge the fact that the vast majority of low-income people live in unsubsidized rental units located within one- to four-unit buildings. And then we ask, how do we improve the quality of these homes and preserve their affordability? What about . . . More

Alan Mallach
Does Place Matter Anymore? Cities and the 2016 Election
Alan Mallach, Center for Community Progress
Predictably enough, the Republican platform is a 54-page angry, frustrated rant directed at President Obama, democrats, bureaucrats, big government, anything anyone on the right doesn't like. Hillary's website is far heavier on substance. She has detailed positions on 37 separate issues from ending Alzheimer's disease to addressing climate change, yet . . .  More

Leslie Strauss
How the Major Party Platforms Approach Housing
Leslie Strauss, Housing Assistance Council 
The major political party platforms take different approaches to federal housing assistance and related topics. The Republican and Democratic platforms adopted at the parties' conventions in July are couched in strikingly different ways, consistent with the conventions' tones. For example . . .  More

Randy Shaw
Does the Disability Rights Movement Offer a Model for Housing Activists?
Randy Shaw, Tenderloin Housing Clinic 
I understand that focusing on disability rights at the DNC dovetailed with Clinton's early personal history of helping to secure the right of disabled kids to attend public schools. But Tim Kaine was a fair housing attorney for 18 years and a founder of a Virginia organization seeking to reduce homelessness. Yet this aspect of his background did not trigger any primetime discussion of housing policy proposals. Why not? . . .  More 
NACEDA Health Symposium

You Said It!

The role and intersection of justice work and housing/community development is not new. Recent events have served to both re-energize efforts such as LISC's Community Safety Initiative, PolicyLink's Equitable Policing, and other institutional responses--such as those by . . .
--Ray Neirinckx,

I've lived here for 14 years and never had a visit from the police until after [my] building changed hands two years ago . . . . If I'd made frivolous calls to the police, I'm sure I'd be penalized, but when a landlord does it, nothing happens. Jamaal Green is on-point with this article--the police work for . . .  --Mark E. Smith, more

It's much more than policing that needs to be fixed. The systematic abandonment of entire communities based on race creates a cauldron of suffering that policing adds to but does not
create . . . --Tim Mungavan, more

We need to advocate our federal and state legislatures to relook at those laws resulting in the greatest incarceration rates of nonviolent offenders and reconsider if such laws are in fact good for society. If not, decrease or reverse their legal standing, retroactively so that those already incarcerated can
be . . . --Paul Turney, more
CFED Assets Learning Conf

I agree that neighborhood stability is inevitably a function of both the "place" and the "people". But success in developing the best prescription for neighborhood health is not easy. Like people, health issues in neighborhoods must be treated thoughtfully. These illnesses can take many forms and . . .
--Craig Nickerson, more

Voucher holders should indeed have a choice of where to live. Although "moving to opportunity" can have benefits, living in housing improved through community development can also provide excellent results. We spend too much time arguing among ourselves instead of advocating to . . .
--Carol Lamberg, more

This article accurately portrays the state of the community development field, and it should worry those who are committed to resident-led community development. A strong community development eco-system needs strong CDCs, as well as . . . --Joe Kriesberg, more

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Cypress Hills LDC
Director of Community Development
The Director oversees varied aspects of the agency's community development work, including: affordable housing and manufacturing development, community planning, sustainability initiatives and asset management, securing project financing and . . . Read Full Listing
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The Baltimore Regional Housing Partnership administers the Baltimore Housing Mobility Program. The Deputy Director will have both internal and external responsibilities, ranging from project management and program administration to partnership development . . . Read Full Listing
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The President/CEO provides direction and leadership for the organization's mission and vision, represents and speaks for the organization and its work, works with the executive management group to advance CDCLI's strategic . . .  Read Full Listing 
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The HANDS Community Organizer will work directly with senior staff, community residents, partnering organizations, businesses, and municipal officials to develop relationships, increase participation by stakeholders, and identify and nurture . . . Read Full Listing
Resources for Community Development
Resources for Community Development
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The APM will provide administrative support for a full range of development activities, including but not limited to: preparing and assembling funding applications, researching locational and other amenities for development sites, preparing maps and graphic . . . Read Full Listing

Project Manager I
The PMI will have primary responsibility for a full range of development activities relating to affordable multifamily housing development projects, such as researching, identifying, and securing funding sources, organizing reports, graphics, budgets . . .  Read Full Listing

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