Say What, WaPo? Declining Homeownership Isn't Good!

A Skeptic Is Won Over to CSAs ● Homelessness Falls. Why? ● Health Insurance Giant Funds a CDC Project
Tuesday, August 16, 2016
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David Adame
Health Insurance Giant Funds a CDC Project

David Adame, Chicanos Por La Causa
A family rarely approaches Chicanos por La Causa with only one need. They are often faced with impossible decisions like whether to forgo medical treatment to pay for rent, or forgo rent to pay for food. Addressing these things in concert benefits health, so it makes sense that . . .  More

In Which a Skeptic Is Won Over to Children's Savings Accounts

Miriam Axel-Lute, Shelterforce
I wrote an article on a type of college-saving support program known as children's savings accounts for the most recent issue of Shelterforce. I ended up being quite a fan of them, thanks to the persuasive and knowledgeable people I spoke with, but the truth is I started out not so sure they were going to live up to the hype, because . . . More

Doug Ryan

Say What, Washington PostDeclining Homeownership Isn't Good!

Doug Ryan, CFED
African-Americans and Latinos lost huge amounts of wealth in the crisis. The Post's editorial writer asserts that all this loss of wealth is a positive, even though it affected low- and moderate-income and new buyers disproportionately. He frames it as
a . . .  More

Nan Roman

Homelessness Is Falling Despite Worsening Conditions. Why?

Nan Roman, National Alliance to End Homelessness
In 2015, compared to 2009, the nation had more people and lower incomes, but higher rents. All things being equal, the number of people who are homeless should have gone up. But it did not. It went down. What changed, and what's next?  More
CFED Assets Learning Conf

You Said It!

Alan hits it out of the park; place needs to matter and home needs to matter. Home is the bedrock for success in education, health and economic development. And it doesn't mean just ownership, but 
also . . .  --Lou Tisler, more

The CRA does not address color. CRA is all about income, specifically serving 80% of AMI and below. There are no points given or lost around communities of color. In fact . . . --Anthony Jones, more

Nice piece Miriam! This is very helpful, and a key issue. We need more ways for small landlords to be incentivized to do high-road property management. This is important both to get folks housed, but also to keep the properties maintained and reduce neighborhood resistance to rental housing in small buildings and single-family homes. One challenge of course is . . . --Dan Immergluck, more

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