Stand Down Funding Available from Department of Labor

Stand Down Funding Available From Department of Labor
Applications must be approved in early September
Since the first event in San Diego in 1988, Stand Downs have connected homeless veterans with meaningful services and community support. Based on the philosophy of a "hand up, not a hand out", the heart of the Stand Down is providing homeless veterans with a safe place to rest, recover, and connect with each other.
Are you interested in hosting a Stand Down in your community? The Department of Labor Veterans' Employment and Training Service (DOL-VETS) has approximately $250,000 still available for Stand Down grants in 2016. Applications must be approved in early September, so apply now. All funds must be spent by December 31. The grant provides awards of up to $10,000 for multi-day or $7,000 for one-day events.
A webinar on the application process is available on this page. Interested applicants should also read the Federal Register Notice here.
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