4 Awesome Ways LA Metro Increases Afford. Hsg.

Also: Stop Funding the "Next Big Idea" ● Financial Inclusion Begins With Our Tax Code ● Challenging the Almighty Credit Score  
Wednesday, September 7, 2016
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Rao Lieb

4 Awesome Ways LA Metro Is Increasing Affordable Housing

Geeta Rao, Enterprise Community Partners and Jacob Lieb, Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority
LA Metro explains why and how they're taking huge steps to get affordable housing on land they own . . .  More  

Jim King

Not All Community Organizations Have the "Next Big Idea." Yet.

Jim King, Fahe
What if the philanthropic community simultaneously made investments for new causes while making investments toward operating costs in communities that aren't ready but will be in time?   More  


Financial Inclusion Begins With Our Tax Code
Keli A. Tianga, Shelterforce
Provisions in our tax code bar millions of Americans from financial stability and building wealth. But there are programs that, with small tweaks, could . . .   More   

Lillian M. Ortiz
Challenging the Almighty Credit Score
Lillian M. Ortiz, Shelterforce 

Credit counselors and fair lending advocates agree: credit scoring criteria needs to be more inclusive of people with varied financial histories. Some argue the system isn't a fair way to assess risk, and may need to be upended altogether. In the meantime, what are they telling their low-income clients about working to improve their score, or working around not having one at all?   More  

You Said It!

On A Non-Profit Housing Acquisition Program Could Protect The Displaced

Shane, thanks for the great analysis. What you are suggesting is already happening in San Francisco through Mayor Lee's Small Sites Acquisition Program. It funds the nonprofit purchase of buildings under Ellis Act eviction, as well as other buildings whose tenants are . . . --Randy Shaw, more

Author Reply
I'd love to hear more. What I'm envisioning is a bit different because it would specifically avoid smaller buildings to allow those to be redeveloped, but make space in less costly (per unit) buildings that are in the vicinity--the idea being that that would minimize the harms of displacement while still allowing the total supply to increase . . . --Shane Phillips, more 

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