EMPLOYMENT OPP: Shelter Program Director (Cecil County, MD)

Program Director Cecil County Men's Shelter

CLOSING DATE: October 21, 2016
Under the direction of the Executive Director, the Program Director is responsible for assuring
the efficient functioning of the Cecil County Men's Shelter such that the program is a place of
hospitality, safety, education, community participation, spiritual growth, and re-integration into
society on a path to home.
Program Development and Resident Support
Develops and facilitates resident support of all kinds, including accessing community services
for employment, transportation, housing, physical and mental health, substance abuse and
domestic violence, as well as assisting residents in developing resumes, educational options, etc.
Assists residents in formulating individual goals and setting priorities and exploring pathways
with residents to reach these goals.
Communicates, and enforces program expectations, rules and policies.
Provides necessary documentation for schools, Department of Social Services, Housing
Authority, Section 8, Veteran's Administration, etc.
Maintains standards and procedures to ensure each resident's privacy; while maintaining secure
confidential files that include records to document resident's needs, goals, and progress.
Makes admission and discharge decisions in accordance with Meeting Grounds' and Cecil
County Men's Shelter's policies and mission that are consistent with program guidelines.
Leadership and Facilitation
Ensures the program and its facility is a place of safety, respect, and encouragement towards
human transformation.

Supervises and provides proper management of all aspects of the program, including but not
limited to coordination of volunteers, residents and groups, food management, appearance of the
house and grounds, and tracking the acceptance and use of in-kind donations.

Works in conjunction with the appropriate agency staff to ensure the proper use and maintenance
of vehicles, facilities -especially the fire and electrical systems, and appliances. Reports
necessary repairs or emergencies to the Executive Director in a timely manner.
Administration and Communication
Monitors program budget and ensures that all cash donations and savings are collected, recorded,
and deposited according to the program's policies and procedures.
Ensures distributions of funds are distributed and recorded according to agency's policies and
Submits all weekly, monthly, and annual program records to the Executive Director.
Communicates current and impending program needs to the Executive Director in a timely basis,
and works with agency staff to acquire necessary information to seek grants or provide reports to
funding authorities.
Community Involvement and Volunteers
Develops and maintains an effective site volunteer program, while providing support and
supervision for program volunteers to help make valuable contributions to the community.
Builds relationships with individuals and community organizations that provide services for
residents, such as Veteran's Administration, Social Services, Churches, Health Department,
Community Kitchen, Upper Bay Counseling, healthcare providers, etc.
Supervises site community assistance programs such as the distributions of Food Box, donations,
Christmas toys, etc.
1.      A degree from an accredited university, or equivalent experience in a program for
2.     Familiarity with homelessness issues facing the Delmarva and Pennsylvania Region and an
understanding of the unique characteristics and patterns of rural homelessness including the
related issues of mental illness and substance abuse.
3.  Demonstrated ability to be flexible, tolerant, and to work in a meaningful and compassionate manner with persons of diverse backgrounds, economic status, age, and life experiences.
4.   Strong listening and interpersonal skills, especially conflict resolution skills.
5.   Strong leadership and organizational skills with the ability to manage multiple tasks while
adhering to deadlines.

6. Excellent verbal and written communication skills including a familiarity with Microsoft Office and is confident communicating across a wide variety of platforms to a wide variety
of audiences.
  7. Experience in program management, supervision, and fiscal management.
The proposed salary range for the Program Director is $40,000 - $42,000 depending upon
applicant's experience and training. This full-time, salaried position offers a fringe benefit
package that includes health care and leave benefits.
Interested persons who meet the minimum qualifications of this position are invited to submit a
letter of interest and resume to Patricia N. Marks, Executive Director of Meeting Ground via
email at pnmarks@meetingground.org no later than 5:00 p.m. on Friday, October 21, 2016
Following screening of credentials, interviews will be scheduled.
We, the community of Meeting Ground, respect and serve persons at-risk of, or experiencing,
homelessness by: meeting basic human needs, connecting people to services, fostering spiritual
and emotional well-being, and advocating for those whose voices need to be heard with the goal
of creating a path to a place they call home.
To learn more about Meeting Ground and the Cecil County Men's Shelter go to