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Have you heard about the Veterans Health Information Exchange (VHIE)? It allows Veterans to simplify their healthcare by connecting VA and their participating Community Health Care Providers, share their health information electronically, safely, and securely. Recently, a VA Maternity Care Coordinator shared how the benefits of using these programs to receive medical records in a timely manner helped her coordinate care for Veteran Patients:

"Care Coordination at its Best"

A nurse and a mother look at an ultrasound screen.
A Veteran called to discuss her maternity care and the Maternity Coordinator was able to view her encounter from the day before at her Community Care Obstetrics (OB) Office. The Coordinator was able to see her lab results…

"Within a Few Days of Her Hospital Admission"

A woman smiling and feeding a baby with a bottle.
An OB patient receiving prenatal care by way of special Letter of Agreement arrangement with the Third Party Administrator for Billing, the Coordinator was able to view and access her hospital admission and discharge summary... 
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