Performance Partnership Pilot (P3) Initiative: Third Call for Proposals

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Performance Partnership Pilots for Disconnected Youth (P3) Initiative: Third Call for Proposals

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has joined with its federal partners to announce a third call for proposals to improve education, employment, and other key outcomes for disconnected youth, including youth experiencing homelessness, through the Performance Partnership Pilot (P3) Initiative. No new money is awarded through this initiative; instead, pilots are allowed to pursue this flexibility through their existing federal funds. Pilots selected to participate in the third round will be able to request customized flexibility in using their FY 2016 funds awarded through the Continuum of Care (CoC) and Emergency Solutions Grants (ESG) Programs to overcome barriers and align program and reporting requirements across programs.
HUD encourages states and local governments to work with CoCs and consider the ways in which additional flexibility to CoC and ESG Program requirements could be useful in meeting the needs of youth experiencing homelessness in their communities.
States, local governments, and tribal governments are eligible to submit applications and may join with local nonprofit organizations within their community who receive eligible funding, such as FY 2016 CoC and ESG Program funding, to develop their applications and consider what types of flexibility will be requested. Applicants requesting to include HUD CoC or ESG funds in their applications will be expected to include their local CoC’s input and engagement in preparing the application and in the specific requests for flexibility. Applications are due October 31, 2016.
For more information about the recently released Notice Inviting Applications (NIA) on P3, including application requirements and selection criteria, please review the P3 Round 3 Bidders Conference webinar recording.
For more information on how the existing pilots are using existing funds in flexible ways to meet the needs of disconnected youth, please review the Round 1 Pilot Site Abstracts.
If you have questions, please review the P3 FAQs. Look for additional FAQs regarding using HUD’s CoC and ESG funds to be posted to soon. In the meantime, you can review Appendix A of the Youth Homelessness Demonstration Program NOFA for ideas about the types of flexibility you may request.