Not Going Back to Segregation

Also: How NOT to Do Economic Development ● It's More Complicated than "Homeownership" vs. "Rental."
Tuesday, October 2, 2016


Webinar | Network Commons | Community Development and Health Joining Forces | October 5, 1 p.m. ET

In this session of their ongoing series, the Build Healthy Places Network will feature three local leaders who are all in the midst of deepening their relationships with Community Development Financial Institutions by way of their work as BUILD Grantees. Learn more and register here.

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Alan Mallach

How *Not* To Do Economic Development

Alan Mallach, Center for Community Progress

Since late 2013, the state of New Jersey has given out $1.1 billion in tax incentives under the Grow NJ program to 16 companies in the city of Camden. Five account for $900 million of this total, but unfortunately all are . . .  More

Wegmann_ Schafran_ Pfeiffer
It's More Complicated than "Homeownership" vs. "Rental." A Lot More.

Jake Wegmann, University of Texas at Austin, Alex Schafran, University of Leeds, and Deirdre Pfeiffer, Arizona State University

We think of there being two kinds of housing--"ownership" and "rental." But in fact there are dozens of variations, with different levels of control and potential financial gain. Which ones get public support, and does that make any sense?  More

John Henneberger
Not Going Back to Segregation

John Henneberger, Texas Low Income Housing Information Service

Some who have not followed Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs v. Inclusive Communities Project, Inc. closely have claimed that the district judge's decision dealt fair housing a hard blow, while others have said the district court ruling means that the extensive segregation of Low Income Housing Tax Credit apartments in Dallas has been declared "legal." This is nonsense. The facts are . . .  More
OFN ReThink

You Said It!

Time to consider that these measurements are too complicated to motivate change or generate strong action. The OCC has given banks latitude to take "risks" outside their comfort zone. Huge crevasse between . . . --Rachel Johnston, more

Financial resiliency (thriving) needs to be at the top of the agenda vs. financial sustainability (surviving). It is important not to . . . --Lou Tisler, more

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Comm Action N. Alabama
Assistant Director 
Senior Research Associate

The ADSRA will serve as the number-two leader of this applied research center, which focuses on promoting equity and inclusion in urban America, specifically mixed-income . . . Read Full Listing
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As a key member of the Housing Business Unit, this position is responsible for planning, financing, and overseeing development of new housing projects, housing rehabilitation efforts, managing consultants . . . Read Full Listing
City of Charlottesville
Self Help Housing
Redevelopment Manager
The RM's primary focus will be coordinating implementation of the Strategic Investment Area Plan and other small area plans, including housing, transportation, grant writing and administration . . . Read Full Listing
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We are dedicated to finding a PM who is excited to manage a new homes program helping farmworkers and other low-income families achieve the American Dream. Will work with families and on-site staff . . . Read Full Listing
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The President/CEO provides direction and leadership for the organization's mission, represents and speaks for the organization and its work, works with executive management to advance our strategic . . . Read Full Listing 

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Responsible for the planning, financing, and development of new affordable housing communities and acquiring existing affordable housing, this individual also serves as an ambassador for Impact . . . Read Full Listing 
Executive Director
The ideal candidate is a committed leader with deep knowledge of affordable housing and development. A creative, strategic thinker who can lead policy conversations, manage staff, work with boards . . . Read Full Listing

Senior Researcher

The SR will design and implement CHPC's research program in order to educate stakeholders and policymakers on the need for affordable rental housing for low-income households in CA . . . Read Full Listing

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