SSVF Program Update October 24, 2016

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1.      SSVF Program Guide Updated October 1,  2016
2.      SSVF Homelessness Prevention Screening FAQs
3.      Reminder: Grantee Action Required in GIFTS
4.      Reminder: Final HHS Account Transfer
5.      Link to Recording of National Webinar October 20, 2016
6.      Resource:  VA Resources Guides

SSVF Program Guide Updated October 1, 2016

The SSVF Program Guide has been updated as of October1, 2016.  The main changes are provided in the attached summary, and in Exhibit H of the document. It is highly recommended that grantees review the complete guide and share with SSVF staff.   The new Program Guide is available on the SSVF website:

Homelessness Prevention Screening FAQs

The SSVF Program Office appreciates the many questions we have received regarding the new Homelessness Prevention Screening process.  We have developed a document of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) that include inquiries from the July 21st National Webinar, Regional Meetings and the SSVF Email Inbox.  The FAQs are attached and also available on the SSVF website:

Reminder: Grantee Action Required in GIFTS:

Grantees are reminded that action is required in the grants management system (GIFTS).  Please refer to the October 14, 2016 SSVF Program Update for complete details.  The requirements are as follows:

FY 2016 Closeout:

Priority 1 Grantees are required to complete the FY 16 4th Quarter Certification requirement. For all other SSVF grantees with renewal grant terms that ended on 9/30/16, including extended grants, the online GIFTS requirement form is now.  Refer to the Companion Guides for assistance with completing the requirement.

FY 2017 Grant Resolution and SSVF Gaps Analysis Process:

Grantees can now access the FY 2017 Resolution Requirement form within their GIFTS user account.  Deadline for submission is close of business on Monday, November 14, 2016.

The Gaps Analysis Tool is also posted on the SSVF University, which is due November 14, 2016:

Access the SSVF GIFTS portal at

Link to Recording of National Webinar October 20, 2016

The SSVF National Grantee Webinar on October 20th provided an overview of the Resolution process, the SSVF Gaps Analysis Tool, the recent Program Guide changes and the new HUD-VASH SSVF Referral Packet.  Please find the recording at the link below:


Please be reminded that HHS Subaccount Transfers will be processed on the 1st and 15th of October, November and December 2016. Grantees that require a final transfer of funds among the HHS subaccounts in order to complete the grant close must use HHS Subaccount Template to prepare the transfer request.  Submit this form to your Regional Coordinator for review and processing.  Please do not submit to the SSVF general inbox.  To avoid denials of the subaccount transfer requests, please access your HHS grant account within the Payment Management System and carefully review the authorized subaccount balances, as any Program Changes granted throughout the year may have resulted in changes to these authorized balances.  If you have questions about how to complete the template or verify your authorized subaccount balances (prior to submitting your request) please contact your Regional Coordinator.  The template is available at

Resource:  VA Resources Guides

The SSVF Program Office is pleased to share Resources Guides developed by the VA.  These are comprehensive guides to assist staff and Veterans navigate VA resources.  The guides are attached to this update and also available on the Connection to VA Services section of the SSVF Supportive Services web page:

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