Bowman Systems NewsFlash: ART Gallery Update - 10/31/2016

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ART Gallery Update 10/31/2016

The ART Gallery has been updated:
0263 - RHY Data Completeness - Data Quality V2: This report has been updated with some fixes. We highly recommend reading the 0263 User Manual before running the report since this report is different from the old 0261/0262 reports. This report will more closely follow the logic that is used in the automatically generated RHYMIS data quality report.

RHYMIS November Submission Window
A reminder that the November RHYMIS submission window is November 2, 2016 - November 22, 2016. The automatically generated RHYMIS data quality report is automatically generated the day after the data is uploaded. So we recommend uploading early, reviewing the report and then, if needed, do another upload of data.

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