Very Important, Please Read: Update-SSVF Gaps Analysis Tool

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Please read this update regarding the SSVF Gaps Analysis Tool. Please pay attention to the first paragraph with clarifications If you have questions, please reach out to me. I know I have a few emails from yesterday/today regarding the tool, and I am working as fast as possible to respond.

Update: SSVF Gap Analysis

The SSVF Program Office is aware of a legacy issue occurring with the SSVF Gaps Analysis Tool. It was a carry over from the larger VA Gaps Analysis Tool. Please note that grantees cannot use prevention resources to fill rapid re-housing gaps. Grantees should focus on rapid re-housing and fill any gaps using rapid re-housing numbers first. After the gap is closed with rapid re-housing, grantees may then add homeless prevention information to the totals on the Assets chart. Please also note that the label that states SSVF Prevention on the Assets chart has a typo on the sub columns; they should say Prev instead of RRH.  

As part of the FY 17 Grant Resolution process, the SSVF Program Office has asked grantees to work with their local community planning partners and complete the SSVF Gap Analysis. Instructions can be found within the Resolution Companion Guide and also on the SSVF University Community Coordination and Planning webpage. Please note that grantees need to submit this SSVF-specific Gap Analysis tool rather than the VA Gap Analysis tool, as the CoC data elements are necessary for our assessments.

The Gaps Analysis Tool and Instructions are posted on the SSVF University, which is due November 14, 2016:  Please send the Gaps Analysis tool to your SSVF Regional Coordinator.

National Webinar Recording from 10/20 (Gaps Analysis Tool Presentation starts at 18:26)

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