Deadline Today: Confirm 2016 AHAR Data - All Persons and Veterans

Thank you for making the 2016 Annual Homeless Assessment Report (AHAR) to Congress reporting cycle a success! Your data contributes to the nation’s understanding of homelessness in America and informs federal policy to prevent and end it.
Please remember that the deadline for confirming your community’s final AHAR data for All Persons and Veterans is today, December 12, 2016 at 11:59 PM PST.
The community’s Continuum of Care (CoC) Primary should go into the Homelessness Data Exchange (HDX) and confirm their data submission by this date. If they do not, the data will be auto-confirmed first thing on December 13, 2016. The Data Liaison is not authorized to assess the usability status of your data unless the data are confirmed.
Confirming your data means that someone from the CoC who has a broad perspective of your community’s homeless population (e.g. CoC Primary) has reviewed and approved your community’s AHAR submission. Clicking the confirmation button in HDX provides a final verification of each community’s data submission. The selected reviewer, such as the CoC Primary, is not required to check each data point in the submission, but rather assess the overall picture of homelessness depicted in the data submission. If the selected reviewer would like to revisit the data submission, they must contact their Data Liaison immediately.
If you have any questions about the AHAR process, or have questions about the data submission requirements, you can reach out to your AHAR Data Liaison or consult the following 2016 AHAR guidance materials:
For more information, visit the AHAR Guides, Tools, and Webinars page.
If additional questions arise that are not addressed by these resources, consult your assigned AHAR Data Liaison, or submit them online through the HDX Ask A Question (AAQ) portal on the HUD Exchange website. To submit a question to the HDX AAQ portal, select "HDX: Homelessness Data Exchange (including PIT, HIC, and AHAR)" from the "My question is related to" dropdown list on Step 2 of the question submission process.
Visit the HUD Exchange at