Carson, This Is the *Real* Social Engineering

Also: Worker Ownership Can Still Flourish ● Not All Artists Are Childless ● New $ for Equitable Dev. ● Will Development Deal Benefit Baltimore?
Tuesday, January 10, 2017

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Nomination Hearing for HUD Secretary-Designate Dr. Benjamin Carson | Jan. 12, 10 a.m. ET

The Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs will meet in open session this Thursday morning to conduct a hearing on the nomination of Ben Carson to be Secretary of the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development.


PrezCat is a comprehensive, searchable catalog on state policies and programs to help preserve existing affordable housing. Compiled in part by the National Housing Trust, PrezCat will be useful to housing developers, housing finance agencies, and advocates.


The Culture of Health Leaders Program is now accepting applications for the 2017-19 cohort. This 3-year leadership development program offers a $20,000 stipend annually for up to 50 participants. The call for applications is open and continues through Feb. 15. Informational webinar on Jan. 10 at 12:30 p.m. ET

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4 Reasons Employee Ownership Can Flourish Under the New Administration
Marjorie Kelly, The Democracy Collaborative
Advancing employee ownership will not be imperiled by a Trump presidency. Indeed, this approach to rebuilding the middle class may be uniquely suited to the new political world. Here are four reasons why . . . More

Tiffany Eng
Not All Artists Are Young. Or Childless.
Tiffany Eng, Grounded Solutions Network
We would be well-served to get beyond the clich├ęd personas of the young and single artist or underground musician eking out a living on the edges of town. As we look deeper into the issues surrounding affordable housing and workspaces for artists, we should figure out how to incorporate all artist households. Here are four ways we can do that.  More

Greg Squires
Dear Ben Carson, This Is the Real Social Engineering
Gregory Squires, George Washington University
Once again, we see HUD's legal obligation to enforce the Fair Housing Act misrepresented as the cause of the financial crisis. But as researchers have reported, fair lending enforcement efforts did not cause the crisis. The real social engineering that is occurring--and has long taken place--is . . . More

A New Way to Finance Equitable Economic Development?
Oscar Perry Abello, writer
Big companies discovered the long-stagnant Immigrant Investor Program EB-5 after the 2008 financial crisis. Can community developers bend the program toward their goals too? More

Community Groups at Odds Over Whether Baltimore Will Benefit From Under Armour Deal
Daniel Kravetz, writer
Advocates, city leaders, and Under Armour's real estate arm negotiate a $660 million tax deal and a vision for economic development in Baltimore. But there is significant disagreement over whether it will benefit Baltimore's low-income residents. More

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Besides talking about the valuable resource public housing serves in providing America's less affluent with shelter and its potential to address past discrimination based on race and income; it should always be noted that public housing has been a creative . . . --Abbott Gorin, more

When viewed in retrospect, the fate of Cabrini Green was destined by planned obsolescence and poor maintenance, blamed on the tenants, and the relocation of the displaced residents was not . . . --Herb Fisher, more

If household income has remained flat, and low-income owners are already at the high end of debt/income ratios, how can they tap into that equity? --Jeff Levin, more

Author Reply
My experience is with Manna and research I did concerning their homeowners. I can testify that if done carefully, low- and moderate-income homeowners like Manna's can realize equity gains. I have also had . . . --Josh Silver, more

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