Local Hire Shouldn't Just Be Local

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Thursday, January 5, 2017


Webinar | Homeownership and the Racial Wealth Gap | Jan. 18, 1 p.m. ET

People of color continue to face significant challenges in the homeownership market. Asset Funders Network is sponsoring this webinar to discuss policy and program solutions to set up people of color for success as homebuyers.

Industry News

Dorothy Stoneman, founder and CEO of YouthBuild, retires.

Stoneman, a public school and Head Start teacher in NYC, founded YouthBuild in 1978 as an experimental program in East Harlem that expanded to become an international organization in 2000, beginning in South Africa. She intends to remain involved with Opportunity Youth United, a network of adults who have graduated from YouthBuild and similar programs. Succeeding Stoneman as YouthBuild CEO is John B. Valverde, who served most recently as executive vice president for program operations at the Osborne Association.

Call to Action

Sign your organization on to this letter to urge Congress to protect nondefense discretionary programs from further cuts, to end sequestration, and to provide equal treatment for defense and nondefense programs-including affordable housing programs at HUD and USDA.


NeighborWorks Works: Practical Solutions from America's Community Development Network

NeighborWorks has published a new book that highlights solutions to some of the country's community development challenges in a series of essays from its network members.

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Take the Best of Public Housing, And Make More
Prentiss Dantzler, Colorado College
Conventional wisdom is that public housing is a thing of the past. But if we are seeking to build more inclusive communities, we should not . . . More

You've Seen This Movie Before. You Know What to Do
Ted Wysocki, Institute of Cultural Affairs USA
Current previews for "The Trump Years" is that this is shaping up to be one of those horror movie sequels with more violence and blood than the earlier ones in the franchise. There is reason to be scared. Horrified, in fact. But . . . More

Local Hire Shouldn't Just Be Local
Partnership for Working Families
Local hire policies are among the strongest strategies for bringing good job opportunities to disadvantaged communities--but they could be even stronger.

Brent Kakesako
Advocates, Have You Created a Judgment-Free Zone?
Brent Kakesako, Hawai'i Alliance for Community-Based Economic Dev.
How do we grapple with our own personal histories and work in a way that is forward-facing? Perhaps it begins by creating a judgment-free space to ask the tough questions of ourselves: What are my privileges? How do I define my identity? What is the connection that grounds me to this place? Am I . . . More

Doug Ryan
Housing Need in Rural America -- It's Not What You Think
Doug Ryan, CFED
The data on housing problems in "persistently poor" rural regions, especially the Delta, may surprise you. Here's why we need to change how we approach housing tenure, lending, credit and homeownership counseling in these areas.

Josh Silver
An Unexpected Tool to Promote Integration in Gentrifying Neighborhoods
Josh Silver, NCRC
We know that programs like Low-Income Housing Tax Credits and Community Land Trusts have been used as tools to minimize the displacement in gentrifying neighborhoods, but why aren't . . . More

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You Said It!

We need to build an integrated public education campaign that keeps the core issues in front of the public every day, not just at election time . . . --Christine Westfall, more

Someone said to me they voted for Trump simply because they believed his economic policies would better serve their interests but they were proud not to be racist or misogynist. Guess what? The US and Trump's policies cannot . . . --Sandy Bishop, more

You say that being conscious of our privilege is beside the point. I say, no, it IS the point. People must realize that by embracing . . . --Maureen Markham, more 

A racial equity lens isn't going to help any of us now . . . --Peter Rose, more

The outcome of the election was devastating to many of us white people, and more telling, the outcome was surprising. We have not been paying attention to the breadth and depth of the racist foundations of the United States, nor the incredible backlash against our first African American president. We have tried to distance ourselves from . . . --Dianne Lyday, more

Author Reply
A racial equity lens is even MORE essential now . . . Having such a lens allows all to look at potential negative racialized impacts of proposed legislation and policy BEFORE it happens, as opposed to AFTER, when we are playing catch-up in organizing and advocating for something more equitable. American history gives us example after example of . . . --A. Adar Ayira, more

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CHP seeks a seasoned PM professional with demonstrated experience in best practice operations and compliance who cares deeply about social impact and . . . Read Full Listing
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