One Week In--What's Changing for You?

Also: Community Planning Is Not Enough ● Keeping Artists Close to Home ● OCC to Let Fintechs Become Banks? ● CFPB Is Gov't for the People
Tuesday, January 31, 2017


Webinar | Why Housing Messages Backfire and What We Can Do | Jan. 31, 2 p.m. ET

Join the National Housing Conference, Enterprise Community Partners, and the FrameWorks Institute for a discussion of housing messaging pitfalls and simple things housers can do to advocate more effectively and build support for affordable housing.


GOP Secretaries of Labor: Puzder Is a Break from the Past

From criticizing minimum wage policies to viewing overtime regulations as an imposition for employers, Andrew Puzder has consistently disapproved of actions taken by the Department of Labor--the very entity he has been tapped to head. In his new report for The Century Foundation, senior fellow Andrew Stettner explains how Puzder's comments stand in contrast to the six former GOP secretaries of labor during their confirmation hearings.


Nominations Due for the NLIHC Organizing Awards

The 2017 Organizing Award recognizes activity during 2016 that furthers NLIHC's mission: achieving socially just public policy that ensures people with the lowest incomes in the U.S. have affordable and decent homes. The award will be presented at the NLIHC 2017 Housing Policy Forum in April. Nominations are due Feb. 1.

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A Community Planning Process (Even a Good One) Is Not Enough
Jessica Wolin and Brett Cook, Health Equity Institute
Simply inviting residents to participate in design charrettes or a community planning process does not mitigate the significant loss they feel as they witness the physical destruction of their homes and lived history. There's an effort being made to actually . . . More

Keeping Your Artists Close to Home
Katy Reckdahl, reporter
As rents have risen in New Orleans, artists and arts nonprofits have scrambled for their very existence, unable to do their best work. Here's how some organizations are helping them keep a toe hold . . . More

One Week In -- What's Changing for You?
The behavior and language of the first few days of the new administration and GOP-led House and Senate have shown us that nonprofit organizations that receive public funds could be playing on shaky ground at best. Shelterforce editors want to know what's changing for you. We are looking for individuals working within the nonprofit sector to weigh in (anonymously is fine, we will not reveal your name unless you expressly ask us to) on ways the current political situation is affecting your constituents and your workplace already, or that you expect it to soon. How are you adapting, seeking opportunity, protecting, or resisting, especially at an organizational level? Let us know here.

CFPB: Government for the People
Bill Bynum, HOPE Credit Union
An anti-regulation chorus in the financial services industry, coupled with the virulent anti-government sentiment sweeping into Washington, has painted a huge target on the back of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). But policymakers and large swaths of the voting public don't need a very long memory to understand the danger in . . . More

Josh Silver
OCC to Let Tech Companies Become Banks--Is This a Good Thing?
Josh Silver, NCRC
If the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency proceeds with its proposal to allow non-bank financial technology companies, known as fintechs, to acquire national bank charters, it needs to make sure it is equipped to regulate a different type of financial company. And to become equipped for this task, it would need to adopt . . . More

Creating Miles of Art in the Mile High City
Tony Pickett, Urban Land Conservancy
How a Denver organization intends to create a 9-mile art-, health-, and heritage-themed bike and pedestrian trail that will feature authentic cultural expression.

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I would add: Rules for Revolutionaries: How Big Organizing Can Change Everything by Zack Exley and Becky Bond, and Beautiful Trouble: A Toolbox for . . . --Peter Rose, more

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