SOAR January Webinar Series

SOAR January Webinar Series - Strengthening SOAR Applications Through Strong Collaborations
SOAR is more than just a training model. To be successful, SOAR programs must also focus on building strong relationships with SSA, DDS, the medical community and others.  SOAR providers who focus on such collaborations report more successful SOAR outcomes. 
Grab some hot chocolate, coffee, or a cup of tea, and join us for a series of three webinars to hear stories from SOAR communities, SSA and DDS specialists, and a medical provider on how they have improved SOAR applications by building relationships of mutual respect and trust in order to accomplish a great deal of hope for our SOAR applicants. You will also learn how to apply these best practices to creating or improving your SOAR Process which will result in the submission of quality SOAR applications!
This webinar series is recommended for SOAR State Leads, Local Leads, SOAR Providers and SOAR Practitioners who want to learn how strengthening collaborations among key partners with the SOAR Process will lead to the submission of stronger SOAR applications.   
Webinar I:  Case Development: The Ultimate DDS Experience!  
Thursday, January 19, 3:00-4:30pm (ET)
After SOAR providers submitted a sufficient number of quality SOAR applications, the DDS in Phoenix offered to dedicate staff to adjudicate SOAR claims.  Hear from DDS specialists and a SOAR Provider to learn more about how this arrangement has developed over time, and what you can do to replicate this relationship in your state.  Learn more about the importance of pro-active case development, and what DDS needs from us to effectively develop claims.
  • Loren Gallegly, LSW, SOAR Case Worker and Local Lead, Lodestar Day Resources, Phoenix, AZ
  • Jack Keene, Professional Relations Officer, DDS, Phoenix, AZ
  • Tracy Jordan, DDS Claims Adjudicator, Phoenix, AZ
Webinar II:  Medical Summary Reports: What is in that Co-Signed MSR?
Thursday, January 26, 3:00-4:30pm (ET)
Using the MSR, Montgomery's SOAR program has been able to document important and otherwise undocumented details of their SOAR Applicants' life experiences, particularly the trauma experienced during incarceration and in childhood, that compound their disabilities. Hear more about how they found providing the MSR to the consulting psychologists and doctors has helped these professionals more fully and accurately assess the applicants who are often reluctant to discuss their experiences.  Learn some MSR writing tips too!
  • Maria Morrison, MSW, MFA, Senior Social Worker, Equal Justice Initiative, Montgomery, AL
  • Suzie Brady, SOAR Local Lead and SOAR Specialist, Austin Travis County Integral Care, Austin, TX
Webinar III: The SOAR Process:  How SSA in Trenton Supports Quality SOAR Applications
Originally Scheduled for Thursday, January 12 - POSTPONED - Date TBD

A successful SOAR Process does not happen overnight.  The Trenton SOAR team learned early on that communication between SSA and SOAR providers is critical to growing and sustaining SOAR.  Hear how they maintain fidelity to the SOAR model by implementing a SOAR Process which is designed to be adjusted as needed based on workload issues and other feedback. Learn best practices for completing quality SOAR applications from both SOAR and SSA perspectives. 
  • Pam Heine, LSW, Senior Project Associate, SAMHSA SOAR Technical Assistance Center, Policy Research Associates, Inc., Delmar, NY
  • David Vinokurov, District Manager, Social Security Administration, Trenton, NJ
  • Diane Hirko, LSW, SOAR Coordinator, SOAR Case Manager and SOAR Local Lead, Family Guidance Center, Trenton, NJ
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