Nonprofits--Yes You Can Advocate. And Now's the Time

Also: Affordable Housing and . . . a Museum? ● Fair Housing Is NOT War on the Suburbs ● Not Your Average Community Garden
Tuesday, February 7, 2017


Sparking the Conversation in Your Community: A DIY Guide to Planning Your Own Community Wealth Building Summit

How can community members catalyze a local conversation around building a stronger, more equitable local economy? The Democracy Collaborative offers this resource as part of their Community Wealth Innovators Series.

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Affordable Housing and . . . a Museum?
Keli Tianga, Shelterforce
For over 30 years, Broadway Housing Communities has developed its own formula for meeting the housing needs of West Harlem's lowest-income residents. One of its unorthodox ingredients has been art galleries, and now . . .  More

Nonprofits--Yes You Can Advocate. And Now's The Time
Miriam Axel-Lute, Shelterforce
We all know there are some political restrictions on 501(c)3s, but most of us don't know exactly what they are (hint: you can do a lot more than you think). When we as nonprofits speak up, it's often very carefully limited to our wheelhouse--advocating to keep the programs that fund us alive and funded, or for rule changes that let us do our jobs better. We can't afford to do that any longer.

Not Your Average Community Garden
Ashley Milton, Center for Sustainable Development
A good community garden is a space that nurtures hope, natural abundance, and growth, and eventually moves beyond food and into the realm of relationship-building that can help sustain healthy communities. Here is how, step by step, a group of partners convened the young residents of a transitional housing development to transform an empty yard into one piece of a growing urban food hub.

Fair Housing Is NOT War on the Suburbs
Jason Reece, Knowlton School of Architecture
The revised fair housing rule--which is under threat again from the new Trump administration--has undergone much debate here on Rooflines and elsewhere, but what is lost in this debate is that rule was successfully piloted before, and this experience is . . . More

You Said It!

Rich Cordray and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau team have done an incredible job of implementing fairness in banking processes/procedures, protecting the consumer, and educating consumers to know before they owe. If you wanted an example of a regulatory agency that was of the people, for the people, CFPB would be it. Don't let . . . --Lou Tisler, more

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Community Land Trust Manager

This is a versatile role requiring the candidate to be adept at community relations, community organizing, housing development, advocacy, and public policy . . . Read Full Listing
Chief Housing Planner

Will help cities and towns plan for housing production and preservation, with a special focus on affordable housing; will assist in evaluating and improving state laws . . . Read Full Listing

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