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We cannot let Congress balance the budget on the backs of our nation’s most vulnerable populations.
Caps on federal spending are harmful to homeless service programs. The Alliance is working with the Campaign for Housing and Community Development Funding to circulate a letter urging Congress to lift these harmful caps on federal spending in FY 2018 and provide the highest level of funding possible for these programs.

Here's What You Can Do:
  1. Read and sign on to the letter by Friday, March 3!
  2. Share the letter and encourage organizations in your network to sign on too!
More Information:
The new Administration and Congress are considering significant cuts to the federal budget. We need to put up a strong fight to ensure that budget cuts do not fall disproportionately on critical programs, including homeless assistance and affordable housing programs that serve many of our nation’s most vulnerable people. Investments in these programs allow us to end homelessness and reduce housing instability.
Please sign this letter asking Members of Congress to lift spending caps and ensure affordable housing, community development, and transportation programs receive the highest allocation of discretionary funds possible.
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