ACTION REQUIRED: Provider Setup (ESG) for MSHDW by 3/31/17

Maryland ​HMIS Leads, as per DHCD's ESG Grantee meeting yesterday, all ESG ServicePoint provider info (ID# + name) must be entered on our online Provider Setup (ESG) form by 3/31/17.  Even if you have already submitted your provider info in the past, please resubmit ALL of your ESG ServicePoint providers on the online form.  The numerous emails and piecemeal responses regarding this setup was rather difficult to manage, so we're starting with a clean provider list.  Please see the notes below from yesterday's grantee meeting.  For questions/concerns, please contact me, or we may discuss at our upcoming HMIS Admin Workgroup this Wednesday.  Thank you!
  • HMIS Leads must have all ESG ServicePoint provider info entered on Provider Setup (ESG) form by 3/31/17
    • ESG guidelines require separate providers for each ESG project component
    • We should have 80+ providers setup in data warehouse, but currently only have 40+
    • View the DHCD ESG Grantee List to see each grantee and their project component(s)   
  • ESG grantees were reminded of HUD requirement to enter data into HMIS (except DV)
    • DV providers must use comparable database to generate HUD ESG CSV report or use the ESG CAPER Reporting Tool (see ESG Mtg Docs 2017-03-09)
  • ESG grantees were reminded that data should have already been entered into HMIS for all clients served since the grant start date of 10/1/16
  • ESG grantees were reminded that all data must be entered into HMIS by the last day of each quarter because data warehouse data pulls are performed on the 1st day of each quarter 
  • ESG grantees were reminded that failure to comply with any of the above will result in a finding(s), and may result in loss of funding

Jason Burns, MCSE
Systems Administrator
PHONE: 443-574-HMIS