Alternative to an Immoral Budget

Also: "Skinny" Budget Fattens Racial Wealth Divide ● Ben Carson's Rural Road Trip ● Improving on the Alinsky Organizing Model
Tuesday, March 28, 2017


NALCAB | Advocating Against President Trump's Proposed Cuts to Community Economic Development Programs | April 3, 3 p.m. EDT

Join the National Association for Latino Community Asset Builders to learn more about the proposed cuts to vital community economic development programs that support small business and entrepreneurship services, affordable housing opportunities, and rural economic development.


Do Private School Vouchers Pose a Threat to Integration?

This report by Shelterforce contributor Halley Potter for the Century Foundation looks at the effect school voucher programs have on public and private schools, as well as how access to and engagement with these programs varies by socioeconomic status, race, religion, and more.

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A Doable Alternative to an Immoral Budget
Gordon Mantler, George Washington University, and James Tracy, San Francisco Community Land Trust
If a "budget is a moral document," then this proposed budget reflects the moralities of the boardroom, the eviction notice, and the pink slip. It is particularly striking when contrasted with others in the last 50 years, from the right or left. In 1966, King himself endorsed a budget, one that looked remarkably different than those proposed since. More

Doug Ryan
"Skinny" Budget Fattens Racial Wealth Divide
Doug Ryan, CFED
Last week's unveiling of President Trump's "Skinny" budget makes crystal clear the critical nature of reforms to make housing more fair. Despite the remarkable lack of details on revenues, economic assumptions, and entitlements . . . More

A Rural Road Trip Proposal for Ben Carson
Stephen Sugg, Housing Assistance Council
I'd challenge folks from the administration, starting with Secretary Carson, to join a bipartisan group of Congressional leaders and my colleagues and me on a journey--perhaps over the next Congressional recess. Start in Appalachia, say rural eastern Kentucky, and ask the folks there if . . . More

Improving on the Alinsky Organizing Model
Gail Schechter, community organizer and consultant
As an organizer, I first mastered Saul Alinsky's approach to neighborhood-based organizing by focusing on harnessing the power of large numbers of people like a cavalry charge to seize a goal. But over time I adapted the approach to speak more to the vast majority of those who come together in a community organizing campaign: women.  More

You Said It!

This is why the STEAM curriculum exists and why as a biology degree holder, I endorse STEAM over STEM. It is not STEM vs Arts, but Arts integrated with STEM, therefore a STEAM curriculum. --Soapbox0916, more

Trump's goal is to dismantle by understaffing . . . He is going to give a "gift" to States' Rights by telling the States "Housing, Welfare, Health, and Schools are your jurisdiction;" and . . . 
--Herb Fisher, more

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