HUD CoC APR Updates and Sage

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HUD: CoC APR Updates and Sage
HUD has recently sent out an announcement including information about the new CoC APR report submission platform Sage along with additional information (This announcement is linked at the bottom of this article).

Here are some important highlights:

  • Beginning on April 1, 2017 grantees will no longer submit APRs in e-snaps and will begin using a new system called Sage. This applies to all CoC homeless assistance grants (except for HMIS Dedicated grant recipients who will also have a new APR that does not require a data upload or a report generated from the HMIS).
  • Recipients will be required to upload CSV data from their HMIS to fulfill the APR reporting requirement in Sage. Recipients will not be able to manually enter data about clients served. ServicePoint will support the CSV requirement for the APR report. This will be a “download" option after you've run the new Provider (canned) CoC APR report in ServicePoint.
  • HUD will not update anything in e-snaps to support APRs for grants funded in FY2015 and later CoC Program Competitions. APRs in process in e-snaps should make every attempt to be completed by March 30, 2017. Any APR submission that is started in e-snaps prior to April 1, 2017 will be completed in e-snaps.
  • Per HUD request, the 0625 APR report will remain in the ART Gallery until 7/1/2017. If a grantee is working on an APR in e-snaps that was started prior to April 1, 2017 they will need to be complete it prior to removal of the “old” APR on 7/1/2017. To accommodate customer requests, the 0631 APR Detail will remain in the ART Gallery until 10/1/2017. Please remember the logic between the “old” and “new” APR reports varies greatly and while both reports will exist simultaneously, they are not meant to be compared as numbers will vary and this is to be expected.
  • HUD is responsible for the maintenance of the new Sage portal. All questions about Sage need to be directed to HUD through their Help Desk website.
  • Per HUD, HMIS vendors have until April 3, 2017 to release the revised APR. This will be a "canned" report in ServicePoint and we will send out an announcement when we are ready for customers to upgrade to the version that contains this report.
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