Local Memorial for Stu 3/10, 10:30am (Towson, MD)


Dear Friends,

These past weeks have been a most difficult time for Stu’s immediate family and Prologue Family.

As the date for the second Memorial approaches we have realized that our emotions are running high and we need to make some changes. Many of us attended the church service memorial and feel overwhelmed with the thought of attending another. We are making these changes to be sensitive to these expressed needs.

We have decided that this Friday, 3/10 at 10:30 the tribute to Stu will be held in the room reserved at Trinity Episcopal rather than in the church. We encourage people to come and share stories, thoughts, feelings and “Stuisms.” Refreshments will be served and we encourage individual conversations and support.

We thank you for your understanding and support.

-Sendy Rommel
Prologue Inc: