News from the U.S. Interagency Council on Homelessness

New Resource! Using Homelessness and Housing Needs Data to Tailor and Drive Local Solutions

No single source of data tells the whole story of homelessness and other housing needs in our country. At the community level, you can use a variety of different data sources to drive local planning and action.
Our newest brief provides an overview of several important data sources, describes the definitions they use and what they measure, and highlights how communities can use that range of information to better address homelessness, housing instability, and other housing needs.

Working to End Family and Youth Homelessness? These Questions Can Help You Assess Your Progress. 
At the National Conference on Ending Family and Youth Homelessness last month, we released two new questionnaires to help communities assess their progress toward achieving the criteria and benchmarks for ending family homelessness and ending youth homelessness.

Download Assessing Whether Your Community has Achieved the Goal of Ending Family Homelessness and/or Assessing Whether Your Community has Achieved the Goal of Ending Youth Homelessness  

Do you have feedback on the criteria and benchmarks? Send it our way

In Case You Missed It: Resources for Responding to the 2017 Grant and Per Diem NOFA 

The VA's recently released Notice of Funding Availability for the Grant and Per Diem program, due April 4, allows for GPD providers to redesign their programs and strengthen their integration into coordinated entry processes.

These resources from the VA and a recently recorded webinar from the National Alliance to End Homelessness can help.    

Survey: Understanding Employment Needs of People Experiencing Homelessness 

Heartland Alliance's National Center on Employment & Homelessness is surveying communities to assess if and what information is captured about the employment interests and activities of sheltered and/or unsheltered individuals - either through the Point-In-Time count or other means.

If you are responsible for developing PIT count surveys and other outreach efforts in your community, please consider
taking the survey
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