PSH VACANCY: 1 Bedroom at AIRS (Baltimore County)

Housing Description: 1 bedroom, scattered site apartment located near major bus and transportation in Baltimore County
Number of persons – Must be eligible for 1 bedroom
Income Required?  No
Rent: Income based (approximately 1/3 of income)
Housing First? Yes
Case Management Provided? Yes

Eligibility: Applicant MUST BE

·         HUD defined Category 1 or Category 4
·         Have a HUD defined chronic disability
o   A disability that is long term, and debilitating and would benefit improvement with supportive housing.
o   HIV disease is a priority population, as is Chronically Homeless.
·         Age: 18 years or older.

If you are not sure about eligible homeless status HUD defines them follows (the first status applies for unit opening):

·         Homeless eligible for permanent supportive housing programs (HUD) means: Literally Homeless: living in a place not fit for human habitation, living “in the street”, or in emergency shelter (ALSO includes are presently in transitional housing but were previously any of the before mentioned literally homeless statuses).
·         Homeless eligible for transitional housing programs (HUD) means: Imminently Homeless: You are losing your place of residence within 2 weeks and have proof of that eviction.
·         Living with friends or family otherwise, even overcrowded or with minor health concerns does NOT qualify a person as homeless – these persons are defined as At Risk of Homelessness  

If you client is exiting an institution recently – hospital, rehabilitation, incarcerated etc. (but NOT foster care) – and resided there less than 90 days they are eligible ONLY for transitional housing, not permanent supportive housing. If they were institutionalized longer than 90 days and they ineligible for EITHER permanent or transitional housing and must demonstrate their homeless status by access emergency shelter.

If your client/s are eligible please complete ALL components of the application. Download and complete application.  Mail the application when complete to

AIRS/Empire Homes of Maryland
Attn: Adult Permanent Housing Program - Intake
1800 N. Charles St., Ste. 1800
Baltimore, MD 21201



Please contact the EVP of Adult Housing Programs, Ms. Ernestina Simmons – – with any of your questions.

Please note: A submission for consideration is not a guarantee of acceptance into the program until all verifications have been completed. Rejected matches will be given the opportunity to appeal (must be completed within 5 business days of rejection). Rejected applications without an appeal are destroyed after 5 business days.