Schedule a site visit with your members of Congress

Invite your Representatives to Visit Homeless Assistance Programs in Your Community

Direct constituent interactions have more influence on lawmakers' decisions than other advocacy strategies.

Help us secure a $237 million increase for U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development's McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Grants by scheduling a direct interaction with your lawmakers. Invite your member of Congress on a site visit of a homeless assistance program during the April 7-24 recess. Congress will likely make a decision on FY 2017 funding by April 28, so the time to act is now!
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Ask Congress to sign rep. moore's "dear colleague" letter

President Trump released his "skinny" budget last week, kicking off the FY 2018 budget season. The Appropriations Committees are accepting programmatic requests from offices requesting funding levels for specific programs.

Rep. Gwen Moore's office is circulating a "Dear Colleague" letter, asking colleagues in Congress to sign on to a letter to appropriators in support of $2.6 billion for McKinney in FY 2018 and to protect USICH. There is only a week for offices to sign on!

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Last Spring, the House Appropriations Committee voted to provide $2.487 billion for McKinney in FY 2017, a $237 million increase. This would allow communities to house 40,000 more people experiencing homelessness than this year.
We cannot afford to let this opportunity for a significant increase pass! Everyone needs to do their part and remind Congress how important this increase would be to ending homelessness in our communities.

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