SSVF Program Update March 6, 2017

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This is the Program Update that went out this morning. Please note that the SSVF National Webinar scheduled for Thursday has been replaced with the USICH Webinar on the Revisions to the Federal Criteria and Benchmarks. The webinar is mandatory. At least one staff member from each grantee should attend.



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1.      UPDATE:  Changes to SSVF National Webinar on March 9, 2017 at 2PM EDT
2.      REMINDER:  Mandatory Return of SSVF Grant Funds
3.      REMINDER:  Regional Meeting Travel Expense Guidance

UPDATE:  Changes to SSVF National Webinar on March 9, 2017 at 2PM EDT

As many have noted, the SSVF National Webinar scheduled for Thursday, March 9th at 2pm EDT is being held at the same time as USICH's Reviewing Clarifications to the Criteria and Benchmarks for Ending Veteran Homelessness.   The SSVF Program Office will no longer host the national webinar and request that grantees participate in USICH's webinar.  They will review the recently released clarifications ( to the criteria and benchmarks that define the vision for ending Veteran homelessness within communities. They will discuss how to use the criteria and benchmarks to align your local efforts, with a focus on long-term, lasting solutions. They will also talk about the process that is used for confirming your community's achievement of the goal.
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REMINDER: Mandatory Return of SSVF Grant Funds

During the current grant year, FY 2017, the SSVF Program Office is implementing the mandatory return of unspent grant funds. Per the grant agreement between VA and SSVF grantees, the SSVF Program Office will recoup funds from grantees who are not meeting the minimum expenditure rates.  This is the first year mandatory returns will be implemented.  The grant agreement (MOA) describes that, after each quarter, grantees are required to have a minimum percentage of funds drawn from the HHS Payment Management System; 1st quarter – 15% or more; 2nd quarter – 40% or more; 3rd quarter – 65% or more.  The SSVF Program Office is currently developing the procedures for how this will be completed and will inform grantees as soon as possible.  In the meantime, please review your grant expenditures and your projected spending for the remainder of the grant year. The first mandatory return of funds will take place immediately following the end of the 2nd quarter (April). If you have questions about this new process for FY2017, please contact the SSVF Program Office at

REMINDER:  SSVF Regional Meeting Travel Expense Guidance

SSVF grantees should not be using grant funds to pay for VA staff travel. In order to attend any SSVF supported training, VA staff must go through the appropriate VA approval process. SSVF grantees can continue to support the travel of key stakeholders, such as CoC leads, when the SSVF program office has indicated that their attendance at a SSVF sponsored event is permitted. If you have questions, please contact your Regional Coordinator or email

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