Who Counts as a "Homeless" Child?

Also: GOP Tax Proposal Belies Trump's Own Words ● Context for the Racial Wealth Divide ● The Opposite of Culture Wars ● The Answer
Tuesday, March 21, 2017

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Raphael W. Bostic will become president and chief executive officer of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta beginning in June.   Currently with the USC Sol Price School of Public Policy, Bostic served previously as assistant secretary for Policy Development and Research at the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. He succeeds Dennis Lockhart, who retired from the Atlanta Fed in February.


CarsonWatch Formed to Hold Secretary Carson Accountable

CarsonWatch is a watchdog organization formed by Public Advocates in collaboration with the Poverty and Race Research Action Council, the Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, and PolicyLink. Learn how you can join the watch.


JPMorgan Chase PRO Neighborhoods CDFI Grant Competition

Starting on April 3rd, JPMC will be accepting applications from qualified community development finance institutions to participate in PRO Neighborhoods. Contact JPMC for more info.

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GOP Tax Proposal Belies Trump's Own Words
Bill Bynum, HOPE Credit Union
If we are to focus on America as this administration has insisted it will, we must not forget that "every American child" includes people living in places where the promise of new jobs based on corporate growth has been a myth for decades.

Context for the Racial Wealth Divide May Free American Minds, and Mindsets
Keli A. Tianga, Shelterforce
Black people were excluded from many of the income and wealth-building programs that helped build the foundation of white Americans' wealth today--programs like Social Security, which when created . . . More

Who Counts as a "Homeless" Child? It Matters
Sharon Astyk, writer, teacher, foster parent, and urban farmer
The McKinney-Vento act is the only federal legislation designed to improve the lives of homeless people. One of the major things it does is declare that homeless children can stay enrolled in the same schools, even without proof of residency, providing some consistency for kids who desperately need it. Until recently, this included . . . More

The Opposite of the Culture Wars: Creative Placemaking
Joyce Fernandes, archi-treasures
As Americans, our historic record demonstrates a severe myopia and ignorance of the importance of place and its meaning. How to Do Creative Placemaking, a book recently published by the NEA . . . More

Q: Is scattered-site rehab always more expensive than new construction?
A: No!

It's conventional wisdom that one of the reasons we have so much trouble with vacancy is that scattered-site rehab and scattered-site property management are much less cost-effective than new construction. But a long-running program in . . . More

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As a CDC movement we have been steeped in the technical aspects of community development for 30 years. In the meantime the resource base and the policy infrastructure to support a range of options for poverty alleviation, rebuilding cities, reviving rural areas that have lost industry, supporting job growth has shriveled to near nothing. This is not good for people, not good for . . . 
--Bill Traynor, more

I spend all of my time working for exactly the kind of strong requirements that you are calling for but I am not sure how we are going to build public support for more investment in affordable housing if we refuse to even allow discussion of why the market is building less middle income housing than is needed. I don't see it as an either/or . . . --Rick Jacobus, more

When it takes literally years to go from project proposal to ground-breaking, we're very, very far away from a "streamlined" or "developer-friendly" process. Show me a city that's actually making it easier to build today than it was to build 20 to 40 years ago, and I'll show you a city that's affordable without subsidies . . . --Shane Phillips, more

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Establishes and maintains relationships with state and local housing providers; nonprofit and for-profit housing developers; and other key community stakeholders . . . Read Full Listing
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Participates as a member of one or more housing teams, conducting project tasks as assigned, and developing the relationships necessary to further client capacity building . . . Read Full Listing
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Our largest audiences are community land trust and shared-equity practitioners. The TC will be the point person for all virtual and place-based trainings and will play . . . Read Full Listing
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The SLP Manager will be responsible for leading housing policy technical assistance engagements to local governments. They will have the duty and authority to ensure . . . Read Full Listing

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