Your voice is especially needed in fight to end homelessness

Your Member of Congress is an Appropriator. Will you write to them?

Since our initial call to action on March 2, advocates have sent more than 620 letters to Congress asking them to invest in known solutions to homelessness. You haven't taken action yet, but it's not too late.

You are in a unique position because you have a federal representative on an Appropriations Committee. These are the members of Congress responsible for passing the budget that affects programs working to end homelessness. The easy step of sending an email lets your member of Congress know ending homelessness matters.

Join the effort to increase spending for HUD's McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Grants Program in FY 17.
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President Trump is taking aim at the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development in his proposed 2018 budget. The Administration's "skinny budget," released March 16, calls for a 13.2 percent — $6.2 billion — decrease to HUD programs and assistance. Read more about what we know and don't know about his budget.
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Without you, it's not going to happen

"Let your mayors, city council members, state legislators, state department heads, and governors know that with their help you can end homelessness in your community."

Listen to Alliance President and CEO Nan Roman explain why your help is critical in ending homelessness.

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