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Have you looked at your Emergency Shelter lately? ​
Emergency shelters play a critical role when it comes to ending homelessness. Starting next week, the Capacity Building Center at the Alliance will share the latest resources, guidance, and fundamentals each month for strengthening emergency shelters’ role in a system that ends homelessness.

The Commonwealth of Virginia is already on board! It’s taking on the challenge of transforming emergency shelter systems across its crisis response system. Follow the challenge at #shifthappens.
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What words do you use?
It’s critical that voices around the mission to end homelessness be heard in Washington and across our communities. Are you using the right messages?

Watch our videos for tips on what to say when making presentations to funders and elected officials.

And take a look at a new report from Enterprise Community Partners and the FrameWorks Institute on what works, and what doesn’t when it comes to messaging around the mission.
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Join the rapid re-housing for youth learning community
Want to learn more about rapid re-housing for youth? Join our Learning Community! Sign up for the kick-off webinar tomorrow at 2:30 p.m. ET, and hear from experienced youth rapid re-housing providers about how to tailor this intervention for young people experiencing homelessness. 
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the future of medicaid expansion
If the Affordable Care Act is repealed and Medicaid expansion ends, how will this impact the people your agency serves? Join us for the second in our series of 30-minute webinars on health care reform.
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Ending Homelessness Today
the official blog of the national alliance to end homelessness
What's Next In Congress?
by Steve Berg
After an intense first three months, Congress is in a two-week recess. When they return, they’ll face an April 28 deadline to keep the government funded and open. Below is a run-down of the items that will or may be on Congress’s upcoming agenda that could have an impact on work to end homelessness. Here is what’s coming up now, and what you can do.
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Last call! Congress is finalizing FY17 funding bills. How will homelessness assistance fare?
by Steve Berg
It looks like the Appropriations Committees have a green light to put together a final omnibus spending bill for FY2017. That means that House and Senate staffers are meeting, probably right now, to iron out differences between their bills and take the latest spending data into account. We need you to call their offices today.
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Georgia Emergency Shelters Take on the Shelter Challenge
by Anna Blasco
We spent the last few months providing technical assistance to emergency shelters all over Georgia. Our goal was to help them lower barriers in order to make it easier for people to enter shelter — especially for those with nowhere else to go — and develop housing-focused services to make it easier for people to leave shelter and return to permanent housing. We have now kicked off the #GAShelterChallenge – a 90-day push to house as many people as quickly as possible.
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