Introducing Redesigned Grantee Pages

Back in October we introduced you to a New HUD Exchange. Today, we are introducing you to new and improved About Grantees pages on the HUD Exchange, where you can find information about HUD grantees all in one place! Easily access awards, contact information, reports, and more for organizations that receive funding from HUD.
Based on user feedback, we enhanced the About Grantees section of the HUD Exchange to help you find the information you need quickly and easily.
  • *New* landing page and menu so you can quickly see what information is available and easily navigate to the grantee information you need
  • Enhanced search capabilities for searching for grantee information such as awards and contacts
  • Redesigned grantee pages that give you a quick overview of a specific organization's contacts, awards, reports, and more all on one page, organized by program
  • *New* Reports & Plans page to easily access grantee reports and plans in one place
  • *New* Project Descriptions page to showcase the work of HUD grantees
Do you have any feedback on these pages? Let us know what you think.
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