Lawn Sign Liberalism

Also in This Issue: 10 Ways to Speak Truth to Powerful Lies ● An Indigenous Approach to Succession and Mentoring
Tuesday, April 11, 2017


Webcast and Live Event | Toxic Inequality: Race, Mobility, Wealth, and Politics in Today's America | April 19, 5:30 p.m. EDT

CFED and New America host this conversation on the racial wealth divide, public policy, and politics that continue to deepen our financial, racial, and social divides. Click here to RSVP for the live webcast, or to attend the event in Washington, D.C.

HUD Webcast | Using the Historic Tax Credit (HTC) for Affordable Housing | May 4, 2 p.m. EDT

HUD's Office of Environment and Energy will host this webinar to delineate HTC program requirements, dispel myths about the program, share successful case studies, and answer questions live from HUD headquarters. 


Neighborhoods by Numbers: An Introduction to Finding and Using Small Area Data | New Book from Center for Community Progress / Free Download

This new book by CCP senior fellow, Alan Mallach, shows how to navigate datasets and effectively use the data to shape community planning and revitalization decisions. Designed for both newcomers and experienced hands. Includes basic tutorials, advanced resources, and more. Download here.

Issue Brief | Health Impact Assessment Can Inform Community Development Decisions | Pew Charitable Trusts

Conducting health impact assessments (HIAs) can help build collaboration across community organizations in order to improve public health. This brief shows how HIAs can give concrete data and help professionals assess and address impacts ahead of time.

Lawn Sign Liberalism
Miriam Axel-Lute, Shelterforce
Seeing "No Matter Where You're From, We're Glad You're Our Neighbor" lawn signs everywhere makes me smile. They also make me cringe. Because while the makers of the sign mean "what country you're from," what the sign says is "no matter where you're from," and I know that for most of these folks who plant the signs, that actually isn't true. They'll swear it is, but their actions and words will show . . . More

Brent Kakesako
An Indigenous Approach to Succession and Mentoring
Brent Kakesako, Hawai'i Alliance for Community-Based Economic Development
We each have lions at our respective nonprofits who were and are tireless in their advocacy, doing the work of at least three people--because they had to. But the question many of us put off answering is: What will happen when they are gone? How do we create transition and succession plans for them and in turn . . . More

Alan Jenkins
10 Ways to Speak Truth to Powerful Lies
Alan Jenkins, The Opportunity Agenda
In an era of alternative facts and downright lies--often coming from the highest levels of government--it's a daily struggle to promote the continued benefit of our social justice work and a positive, inclusive vision for our country, one rooted in truth and fairness. But research points to clear ways that we as advocates can overcome the fiction and push reality. Here are 10 of them.

You Said It!

I don't know about how realistic it is for most urban folk to move to a rural county seat just for the affordable housing . . . --Roy Lowenstein, more

The transportation challenge cannot be overstated--it makes little sense to live in a walkable small town if work is an hour's drive away and . . . --Matt Boulanger, more

To many, walkability is a big city liberal value and 'real America' makes it easy to drive . . . 
--Brandon, more

What about cooperative housing locations in the midst of the those monolithic commercial and industrial complexes where jobs are available? Big employers should note what benefits they could get from . . . --Herb Fisher, more

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Director of Property Management

The Director of Property Management will have full operational responsibility for Tenderloin NDC's growing portfolio of over 3,500 apartment homes and a team of approximately 250 associates, of whom . . . Read Full Listing
Chief Executive Officer
MHC seeks a dynamic, entrepreneurial, mission-driven CEO to champion and implement the development and operations of high-quality, innovative affordable housing and resident leadership programs for . . . Read Full Listing
Senior Housing Developer
Plans and coordinates project teams, supervises team members, and maintains the relationships necessary to accomplish local housing development objectives. . . Read Full Listing
Housing Developer
Participates as a member of one or more housing teams, conducting project tasks as assigned, and developing the relationships necessary to further client capacity building . . . Read Full Listing
Program Coordinator
NALCAB seeks a dedicated professional with strong writing skills and exceptional attention to detail to assist with grant-making, policy research, capital investment, small business and equitable neighborhood . . . Read Full Listing
Community Development Manager
Northeast/Mid-Atlantic Region

Establishes and maintains relationships with state and local housing providers; nonprofit and for-profit housing developers; and other key community stakeholders . . . Read Full Listing

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