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Bergen County, New Jersey, Proves That We Can End Chronic Homelessness

Last June, in partnership with HUD, we published a vision for what it means to end chronic homelessness. Last Tuesday, Bergen County, New Jersey, a community participating in Built for Zero, confirmed that this bold vision is achievable.
Policy Director Lindsay Knotts and HUD Senior Advisor Marcy Thompson reflect on what it means for the first community in the country to have ended chronic homelessness.

Tips for Communicating More Effectively About Ending Homelessness

To truly end homelessness, we need to get lots of people in our communities behind our efforts. That means paying careful attention to how we talk about our work.

New research from Enterprise Community Partners provides some important insights into how we should - and shouldn't - be communicating about ending homelessness.

Our Director of Communications, Jennifer Rich, highlights some of the biggest takeaways from the research.  

Ending Family Homelessness and Preventing Child Abuse Go Hand in Hand    
The child welfare system has a strong role to play in the coordinated community response to ending family homelessness. That's why USICH and our member agencies have been working to gather community feedback and build evidence around the strongest practices and partnerships.

In recognition of Child Abuse Prevention Month, Deputy Director Jasmine Hayes reviews our progress.  

Case Study: Learn How Buffalo and Western New York Ended Veteran Homelessness 

The Continuum of Care that encompasses Buffalo and Western New York has two urban areas,  but the vast majority is rural, making it challenging to tailor solutions to community needs. Strong accountability and persistence are some of the keys to Buffalo's success in ending Veteran homelessness.

Read their case study, and others in our series. 

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