Team HMIS User Forum Agenda 5/15/17

Team HMIS User Forum
May 15, 2017

·        Client Privacy + Requests for Client Data
o   Requests from police and/or family of client
o   Requests from other non-HMIS participating agencies
o   Emailing client data
o   Faxing client data

·        Basic HUD CoC APR Training
·        Basic ESG CAPER Report Training
·        Updates + Reporting Deadlines
o   5/31/17: System Performance Measures (SPM) uploads to HUDHDX (open 4/3)
o   May 2017: Upgrade to new ServicePoint reporting tool (Qlik Sense)
o   Summer/Fall 2017: Upgrade to new ServicePoint software platform
o   10/1/17: Updates to HUD HMIS Data Dictionary

·        Overview of HMIS User Forums
o   NOT new user training; for existing HMIS users only
o   Recurring monthly schedule
o   Read more via our blog
o   WebExTest test PC prior to forums (check w/your IT staff if not compatible)

·        Importance of HMIS Data
o   Directly linked to your provider funding, as well as the entire CoC
o   Provides awareness  + exposes areas of need

·        Proper HMIS Workflow
o   Learn about your program workflow as per funding requirements
o   Workflow Manuals
·        Client ID Merge Requests
o   Submit all client merge requests to

·        Client Confidentiality + Data Sharing
o   Very important to clearly explain HMIS client confidentiality to all clients
§  Explain how sharing w/other HMIS participating agencies helps everyone
§  Ultimately, it’s the final decision of client
o   May not provide client data to a non-HMIS participating agency unless you have written + signed consent from client, or a court-ordered warrant
§  Homeless persons have same rights as all humans!
o   Submit all non-consenting  client ID #s to