HUD Announces Start Date for Housing Counselor Certification Examination

On May 31, 2017, HUD published a Federal Register Notice announcing the start of the HUD Certified Housing Counselor Examination on August 1, 2017. The Notice also announces that the cost for the Housing Counseling Certification Examination will be $60 online at the examinee’s location and $100 at a proctoring site.
Registration for the Examination will not be open until August 1, 2017. However, Housing Counselors are encouraged to create a user account starting June 1, 2017 at The user account will allow housing counselors to access training materials and to track their progress. It will also allow them take the practice exam when it is available. An announcement will be made when the practice exam is available.
The Housing Counseling: New Certification Requirements Final Rule implements the requirement that, after the final compliance date, all housing counseling required under or provided in connection with HUD programs, as defined in CFR § 5.111 (b), must be provided by HUD-certified housing counselors that must work for agencies approved to participate in HUD’s Housing Counseling program. Visit the Housing Counseling: New Certification Requirements Final Rule page for more information and resources.
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