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Opposition to Housing Melts in Bay Area

Tuesday, June 27, 2017
In This Issue: Guess What Trump Treasury Wants to Take Away Now ● False Equivalency on Race, Again ● Opposition to Housing Melts in Bay Area ● Also: Resources ● You Said It! ● In Case You Missed It ● Jobs ● More
Randy Shaw, Tenderloin Housing Clinic 
The times they are a changin’, at least when it comes to San Francisco and Berkeley housing.

On June 13, San Francisco’s Mayor Ed Lee signed HOME SF into law. The district supervisor-sponsored measure will add 16,000 housing units in the next two decades, 5,000 of which will be affordable.

On that night in Berkeley, a large turnout of pro-housing activists stopped the Berkeley City Council’s plans to halt new housing. In response to grassroots pressure, Berkeley Mayor Jesse Arreguin announced before the meeting that the agenda item promoting downzoning was . . .
Gregory D. Squires, George Washington University 
In his June 7 column in The Wall Street Journal (“50 Years After Loving v. Virginia, Colleges Embrace Segregation") Jason L. Riley equates Jim Crow segregation practices with current calls for safe spaces and all-Black housing options for students who express this preference.

He concludes, “Many on the left today seem unable to decide whether all those Southern segregationists were wrong—or just ahead of their time.” This tiring trope is frequently trotted out by conservatives who either . . .
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A citizen’s normal (and reasonable) assumption is that the federal government will generally enact polices that make our economic system more fair and efficient. Yet, a recent Treasury Department report on bank regulation and policy titled "A Financial System that Creates Economic Opportunities," promotes changes that would move us backward when it comes to building a financial system that is equitable, efficient, and protects consumers and communities from abusive practices.

In the early days of his administration, President Trump signed an executive order that required the Treasury Department to study financial regulation with the aim of updating and streamlining regulation. The order mandated that the Treasury assess the extent to which government oversight of the financial sector achieved certain core principles. Two of these principles were . . .
Health Affairs: Medicare Advantage Associated With More Racial Disparity Than Traditional Medicare For Hospital Readmissions. In understanding the inequities of health caused by such factors as segregation, poor housing, and limited availability of fresh food, we know how big a factor racial discrimination is. But is there a racial component to hospital readmissions? In a new study reported on in Health Affairs, researchers found that Black patients with Medicare had a 33 percent greater readmission rate for identical ailments than whites, and the rate doubled when they had a Medicare Advantage plan.
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The need to get manufactured homes legitimized throughout the country and particularly in metropolitan areas is long overdue. But housing cooperatives have found that a long, expensive period of homeownership training is not . . .  --Herb Fisher, more
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