PSH VACANCY: 2 Bedroom Unit at Project Promise (Baltimore County)

We have 1 two-bedroom vacancy in the ACC Project Promise program for families to be filled. 

Description of Program:
·         2 bedroom apartment on the ground floor
·         Unit is not wheelchair accessible
·         Located at Hillendale Gate Apartments
·         Clients are required to participate in program services and activities
·         No overnight guests.  If a guest/family member is client's  home after 12 midnight or 7am, it will be assumed that they are overnight visitors and client will be dismissed from the program.
·         Client cannot be out of their unit for more than 30d days.

(Applicants must meet all of the requirements below in order to be eligible for this program):
  • Homeless status must be PSH-eligible (Chronically Homeless or Category 1 and Category 4)
  • Head of household must have a HUD defined disability. (provide proof of disabilities)
  • Applicant must be a documented U.S. Citizen, Permanent Resident, Asylee or Refugee
  • Applicant cannot have tier-III (lifetime) sex offender status (See DPSCS FAQ for more information about sex offender status)
  • Applicant cannot have a conviction for meth production in federally-assisted housing
  • Applicant family must be eligible for a 2 bedroom unit (please see attachment on family eligibility)

Following documentation is needed:
Please make sure all documentation is completed and emailed to Sensitive documentation is secure to my email.  
  1. Project Promise Intake application is completed (please see application docs)
  2. Client completes an agency Consent and Release from to share information with ACC.
  3. Proof of client's homeless status documentation
    1. Proof of Chronic/Category 1  -- If your client is either chronically homeless or is Category 1 (aka "literally homeless")
    2. Proof of Category 4 -- If your client is fleeing or attempting to flee domestic violence. Must include supporting documents
  4. Attach supporting documentation to your client's homeless status document. HUD mandates that there be 3rd-party verification for at least one date for month of each of the client's eligible episode of homelessness. Any of the following is considered acceptable 3rd party verification in order of preference (please see application docs):
    1. HMIS or comparable database record
    2. Written referral by a shelter/housing provider
    3. Written referral by a service provider (see Letter or Homeless Verification Template Draft from agency)
    4. Written observation by a community member (please see application docs)
    5. Intake worker phone call with community member, housing, or service provider
  5. Proof of Disability (please see application docs).
    1. Alternatively, you may use an SSI/SSDI Award Letter or a TDAP Determination Letter as verification of disability
  6. Obtain legible copies of the following identity documents (Reminder: When scanning, remember to "scan as photo," not as text!):
    1. Photo ID (for all household members over 18)
    2. Birth certificate (for all household members)
    3. Social security card (for all household members)  
    4. Please see list of attached Alternative forms of required documentation for these documents.
  7. Obtain proof of income, dated no more than 30 days old, for head of household and all household members over 18.
    1. If household member receives no income, must include a DSS budget letter (or an explanation of why one is not available) and a notarized ZERO income statement . (Please note that client must obtain income before moving in as they will be responsible for paying utilities (Trash Receptacle Pick-Ups) in permanent supportive housing, unless they are able to find a unit with utilities included.)
    2. If you are providing paystubs as proof of income, you must include a) 4 consecutive paystubs for bi-weekly paychecks, or b) 6 consecutive paystubs for weekly paychecks.


Wanda Brewton
Program Manager
Community Housing Division
228 W. Lexington St., Suite 220
Baltimore, MD 21201
Phone: 1-667-600-3336
Fax: 410-889-0203

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