2017 CoC Program Competition (NOFA) Update

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2017 CoC Program Competition (NOFA) Update
It's that time of year again for the submission of the CoC Program application to HUD!
We have thoroughly reviewed this year's application and have determined that is does not request any new information from ServicePoint or ART. We will not be updating the 2016 NOFA reports in the ART Gallery. Instead, these will be "retired" in the near future and re-created in Qlik Sense if HUD changes the application in future years.
Please note that the application does require that you have access to previously submitted Housing Inventory Charts (HIC), Point-In-Time Counts (PIT), and System Performance Measures (SPM) information in order to complete the application. You or your CoC Lead will need to access these from the HDX if you do not have saved copies.
If you have any questions or issues in regards to completing the CoC Program application, direct them to HUD via the AAQ. As your vendor, we are not able to assist with completion of the application (per HUD, as it is a competition).
Note that the NOFA application is due: Thursday, September 28, 2017 at 8:00 PM EDT
Please contact HUD via the AAQ if you have any further questions.
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