Disaster Recovery Homelessness Toolkit: Recovery Guide for Local Jurisdictions Now Available

HUD recently released the third piece of the Disaster Recovery Homelessness Toolkit: the Recovery Guide for Local Jurisdictions. The Recovery Guide focuses on improving outcomes for people experiencing homelessness as part of long-term disaster recovery.
The Disaster Recovery Homelessness Toolkit is for local governments, Continuums of Care, and service providers that want to ensure comprehensive and inclusive disaster planning, response and recovery, and long-term recovery efforts. The toolkit offers a framework for collaboration between local governments and service providers necessary to meet the needs of homeless and vulnerable populations during and after a disaster. 
This new guide builds on the concepts developed in the Planning Guide for Local Jurisdictions and the Response Guide for Local Jurisdictions to ensure an inclusive recovery. It describes strategies to help the community use the rebuilding process and its resources to meet the needs of all residents including its most vulnerable. It includes two sections:
  • Immediate Actions describes how the jurisdiction can make immediate use of disaster recovery resources to ensure that persons experiencing homelessness have access to the essential services they need to transition safely from the disaster shelter and take part in the larger recovery effort.
  • Long Term Recovery describes how the jurisdiction can ensure that the recovery process includes people experiencing homelessness and those at risk of homelessness. These actions include the intentional use of disaster recovery resources for extra outreach and services, a range of housing options, and active engagement of service providers.
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