Now Available: Project Rating and Ranking Tool Videos

Project Rating and Ranking Tool Instructional Video

HUD has published four videos to accompany the Project Rating and Ranking Tool, which was released earlier this year to help CoCs use objective, performance-based scoring criteria for their local competitions. The four videos released by HUD walk through the steps of using the tool:

Update to the Project Rating and Ranking Tool

This tool was updated on August 22, 2017. The update contains a fix to the “Performance Measures Subtotal” formulas on the RENEW. + EXP. RATING TOOL tab, to ensure that the Length of Stay: Rapid Re-housing scores are counted in the project’s overall rating score. The update also contains a fix to the Factor/Goals and Max Point Values within the Serve High Need Population group under the CUSTOMIZE RENEWAL/EXPANSION PROJECT RATING TOOL section of the CUSTOMIZE RATING CRITERIA tab. The fix ensures that changes to these parameters are accurately reflected in the associated PERFORMANCE GOAL text on the RENEW. + EXP. RATING TOOL tab.

Clarification on ranking with this tool:

The FY 2017 CoC Program NOFA allows some CoCs to choose the amount of funding they can use as their Tier 1 amount: “Tier 1 is equal to the greater of the combined amount of Annual Renewal Amount (ARA) for all permanent housing and HMIS projects eligible for renewal up to $1,000,000 or 94 percent of the CoC’s FY 2017 Annual Renewal Demand (ARD).” The Rating and Ranking Tool was only designed to rank projects using the 94% funding line for Tier 1. If a CoC chooses to use the alternate calculation for their Tier 1 amount they should use an alternate ranking process.
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