Recovery to Practice Newsletter: Recovery in Integrated Care Settings


Issue 11: July 2017

Practicing Recovery: Recovery in Integrated Care Settings

In this issue of Practicing Recovery, we look at what integrated care is, how it works, and its role in a recovery-oriented approach to services.
Integrated care is an approach to health care that combines behavioral health, substance use, and physical health services, sometimes along with supplemental services such as housing and employment support, into one setting. Integrated care is important to a recovery-oriented approach because it addresses the whole health of an individual, with the understanding that coordination and collaboration between the many services an individual may use can lead to better outcomes.

Integrated Care Resources
This issue of Practicing Recovery has resources to expand readers' understanding of integrated care and tools for applying it to your practice. Learn more.

Thought Leader

Dr. Susan Pickett, Deputy Director of Research and Evaluation at Advocates for Human Potential, talks about why integrated care is critical to reducing health disparities and improving... Read more

Program Spotlight

Learn how the Hopewell Health Centers in Athens, Ohio, created a collaborative integrated care team to benefit the people it serves... Read more


Things YOU can do now to move toward integrated care in your practice... Read more

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August 16

Upcoming RTP Webinar Series

RTP's integrated care webinar series is going on through the summer! Join us or watch a recorded webinar.

June 7:
Integrated Health Practices: Recovery-Oriented Approaches to Screening, Intake, and Monitoring
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July 12:
Integrated Health Care and Health Literacy
Watch the archived webinar.

August 2:
The Role of Community and Family Supports in Helping People Manage Their Complex Health Conditions
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September 13:
Barriers and Solutions Integrated Health Care
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